UIAA Youth Mixed International Climbing Competition United States 2014

Location: Durango, United States

30 - 31 December 2014


The Rock Lounge is hosting the first UIAA International Youth mixed climbing competition. Youth teams from across North America ad the world will compete in the event being held in Durango, Colorado.

The inaugural event takes place 30-31 December 2014 in a park in downtown Durango (6,500 feet), situated in the southwest corner of the scenic San Juan Mountains. The Durango competition will be held along similar lines to the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup Tour, the bi-annual UIAA World Championships and the World Youth Championships.

There are two qualification events, and one final each and competitors are divided into two age groups, 15-19 and 19-21 years.

The event is part of the UIAA Global Youth Summit activities supported by the ARISF, the Association of IOC International sports Federations.

For more information, please contact Marcus Garcia:

Tel: 970-946-4514

Email: mgclimber1@gmail.com

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An ARISF funded event