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2018 UIAA Ice Climbing Season. Live Coverage.

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Livestreaming of the 2018 UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour concludes with the season decider from Kirov, Russia on 2-4 March. Click here to watch the action from the season so far and to subscribe.

Livestreaming will be available from all semi-finals and finals of all World Cup events on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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2018 UIAA Ice Climbing Season


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2018 Athlete’s Handbook – Updated, 23 November

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Live results

 18-20 January
Saas-Fee (Switzerland)

Event Website

Event Fact Sheet


 Registered Athletes

 ResultsMen’s Speed, Women’s Speed, Men’s Lead, Women’s Lead


Italy 25-27 January
Rabenstein (Italy)

 Event Website

Event Fact Sheet


Live Results; Men’s Speed (Finals), Men’s Speed (Complete); Women’s Speed (Finals), Women’s Speed (Complete); Men’s Lead, Women’s Lead


 2-4 February
Hohhot (China) 


Event Fact Sheet

 Registered Athletes

Results – Men’s Lead, Women’s Lead, Men’s Speed – Overall, Final, Women’s Speed – Overall, Final


 Russia 2-4 March
Kirov (Russia)

 Event Website

 Programme & Fact Sheet & Visa Form

 Registered Athletes

On-site Registration: 2 March 8:00-11:00

Award Ceremony: 4 March 17:00

 Final Results



5-7 January
Malbun, Liechtenstein

 Event Schedule

 Fact Sheet

 Registered Athletes

Video Coverage

Live Results, Final Results (collated PDF, zip)


UIAA Continental Championships

Asian Championships Cheongsong (South Korea) – 9-11 February, 2018**

European Championships Kirov (Russia) – 2-4 March, 2018**

North American Championships – 17-18 March, 2018
Fenton, Michigan
Event Information
Registration Link
**Part of World Tour event

2017 UIAA Ice Climbing World Championships

Photo galleries from all UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup events are available on our Flickr channel.

2018 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup Leaderboard

Men’s Speed
(Round 4)

Russia  1.NEMOV, RUS, 300 points

Russia  2. N KUZOVLEV, RUS, 295 pts

Russia  3. I SPITSYN, RUS, 270 pts

Russia  4. V KARTASHEV, RUS, 238 pts

 Russia 5. M VLASOV, RUS, 229 pts

 Men’s Speed Overall

Men’s Lead
(Round 4)

Russia  1. A DENGIN, RUS, 310 pts

Russia  2. M TOMILOV, RUS, 291 pts

 Iran 3. MK SAFDARIAN, IRI, 263 points

Russia  4. A TOMILOV, RUS, 241 pts

Russia  5. N KUZOVLEV, RUS, 183 pts

Men’s Lead Overall

Women’s Speed
(Round 4)

Russia  1. E KOSHCHEEVA, RUS, 325 pts

Russia  2. N BELYAEVA, RUS, 300 pts

uiaa-flags-100x100-russia  3. E FEOKTISTOVA, RUS, 296 points

Russia  4.GALLYAMOVA, RUS, 249 pts

uiaa-flags-100x100-russia  5. A VLASOVA, RUS, 200 pts

 Women’s Speed Overall

Women’s Lead
(Round 4)

 1.  W SHIN, KOR, 360 pts

Russia  2. M TOLOKONINA, RUS, 290 pts

  3. H SONG, KOR, 265 points

Russia  4. E VLASOVA, RUS, 220 pts

  5. E MCSWIGGAN, IRE, 185 pts

Women’s Lead Overall

Full results are available from the UIAA Live Results Centre

2017 UIAA Ice Climbing Youth Events

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The North Face Korea

The North Face Korea has been proud sponsor of the UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour since 2013.

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EXTREME is a livestreaming partner of the 2018 UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour. Follow coverage on their Facebook page.

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