Ice Climbing Commission



Ice Climbing Commission members at a meeting in Slovenia (Photo: UIAA)

About the Ice Climbing Commission

UIAA’s Ice Climbing Commission is responsible for framing the rules and regulations for Ice Climbing competitions. It also ensures quality of the competitions as per UIAA terms and standards.

The commission is also responsible for the administration and development aspects of ice climbing as a sport. It has been organizing the Ice Climbing World Cup competitions since 2004.The commission has also been involved in making rules for these competitions simpler and fairer to encourage greater participation in the sport which is being showcased at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

As part of its development activities the commission organizes courses for route setters and judges for ice climbing competitions. These technical courses help the aspirant judges and route setters to inform themselves about the latest rules and innovations for the sport which involves technical expertise.

Ice Climbing Commission as confirmed by the Management Committee Seoul, Korea October 2015

Full Members

First Name     Last Name      Country     Federation

Urs Stöcker (President)     Switzerland  SAC

David Dornian                     Canada           AAC

Byeong goo                          Korea            KAF

Nadezhda Launits                Russia            RMF

Andrej Pecjak                      Slovenia          PZS

Pavel Shablin                       Russia            RMF

Carlos Teixeira                     Portugal          FCMP

Luc Thibal                            France            FFCAM

Corresponding Members

Israfil Ashurly                      Azerbaijan        AAF

Zoljargal Banzragch             Mongolia         MNMF

Bharart Bhushan                   India                IMF

Pranav Rawat                       India                 IMF

Hamid Reza Shafaghi          Iran                 IMSCF

Masoud Zeynali                   Iran                 IMSCF

Expert Members

Marc Beverly

Alex Paun

Link to Board: Thomas Kähr