Climbers Against Cancer T-Shirts available through UIAA office

30 Oct, 2014

Climbers Against Cancer T-shirts were well received at the Flagstaff General Assembly (Photo: CAC for UIAA)

Limited edition T-shirts which proudly proclaims UIAA support for Climbers Against Cancer are now on sale.

If you want to buy the T-shirts that cost 25 euros each, including the cost of delivery, please contact the UIAA office via email

All funds raised go towards Climbers Against Cancer.

The organization’s founder John Ellison was honoured by the UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation earlier this year.

The award which was given to Ellison at a meeting of the UIAA Management Committee in Munich on 24 May 2014 notes his outstanding efforts to bring together the global family of climbers and mountaineers to raise funds for research to fight and beat cancer.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer more than two years ago, Ellison has spent the past year and a half building a legacy in the form of the organization Climbers against Cancer which was founded in January 2013.

In its first year alone, Climbers Against Cancer (CAC) raised nearly $350,000 (USD) through creative fundraising efforts which include the sale of more than 13,000 t-shirts and hoodies worn today by climbers around the world.