Cheongsong gets set to launch 2014 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup

07 Jan, 2014

Cheongsong, the apple and ice climbing capital of Korea is ready to welcome athletes, judges and officials for the 2014 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup which starts on Saturday, 11 January.
Please click on this link for competition schedule and other useful information.
The calendar for all other events on the World Cup can be found here.
For a walk down memory lane, we've assembled a few photographs here taken by UIAA photographer Lukasz Warzecha:

Opening ceremony of the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup in Cheongsong, Korea (Photo: UIAA)

Up close in Cheongsong, Korea (Photo: UIAA)

Keeping warm in Cheongsong before the competition, Korea (Photo: UIAA)