Rules and Regulations


Happy UIAA jury members after a competition in Saas Fee, Switzerland

Happy jury members at a competition in Saas Fee, Switzerland (Photo: UIAA)

There are two types of events which are part of the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup:

Speed: competitors climb up an artificial ice wall in the fastest time.
Lead: competitors are judged on their ability to climb a difficult route in the best time.

There are two types of winners; those who win each phase of the competition and overall winners based on the total points accumulated after events that are currently held in Korea, Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania and Russia.

Please click on this link for the complete 2014 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup Rules and Regulations set out by the UIAA Ice Climbing Commission.

International Judges and Presidents of jury

Andrej Pecjak (Slovenia)
Ziga Ster (Slovenia)
Pavel Shabalin (Russia)
Konstantin Zdhanov (Russia)
Christen Tom (Switzerland)
Israfil Ashurly (Azerbaijan)
Carlos Texeira (Portugal)
Nadezhda Launitz (Rusia)

International Route-Setters

Attilio Munari (Italy)
Massimo Da Pozzo (Italy)
Loris Manzana (Italy)
Raichneger Helmuth (Italy)
Gabriel Voide (Switzerland)
Sebastien Foissac (France)
Konstantin Zdhanov (Russia)
Borisov Sergey  (Russia)
Vlasov Ilya  (Russia)
Kim Jong Heon (Korea) / / +821031824119
Choi Suk Moon (Korea) /
Lee Chang Hyun (Korea)
Stanislav Lobzev (Russia)

International Judges

Gabriel Voide (Switzerland)
Dominic Anthamatten (Switzerland)
Jasna Pecjak (Slovenia)
Valeriu Penes (Romania)
Dan Filip (Romania)
Shved Nikolay (Russia)
Triler Miha (Slovenia)
Heidi Zumbühl (Switzerland)
Coni Bünter (Switzerland)
Thomas Bumann (Switzerland)
Oh Kyeong Hun (Korea) /
Nejc Ster (Slovenia)
Bazoge Emmanuel (France)

Aspirant to International Judges

Fayzullin Igor (Russia)
Boldyreva Natalia (Russia)
Han Sang Hoon (Korea)
Jung Jun Kyo (Korea)
Martina Kündig (Switzerland)
Joel Walchli (Switzerland)
Ursula  Baumgartner (Switzerland)
Joachim Ladurner (Italy) Philipp Prunster (Italy)