FAQs and Logistical Information: Beijing

Q. Where do I register for the event?

A. Please contact your Federation which received login details to register its athletes. It must be done through the federation.

Q. How do I obtain a visa for the event?

A. To obtain a visa go to the closest Chinese Embassy and bring along:

  1. Passport copies (2x)
  2. Confirmation of residency (if not same as citizenship)
  3. Passport picture (1x)
  4. VISA application form
  5. Copy of flight tickets (there and back)
  6. Copy of hotel confirmation – please contact Mr. Li Guowei cma8848@hotmail.com
  7. Letter of invitation – please contact Mr. Li Guowei cma8848@hotmail.com and Mr. Zhu Xueyan 69741337@qq.com

Q. When is the registration deadline for the World Cup?

A. The deadline for registering is December 25th, 20.00 CET.

Q. How much does the registration cost?

A. Registration costs EUR 200. This amount includes the registrations fee of EUR 50 + 4 nights (Check-in January 6th and Check-out January 10th) + meals. All climbers need to share twin rooms with others. If extra nights are required, these will be charged at EUR 50/single or twin room.

The EUR 200 fee does not include airport shuttle, which costs EUR 15 single way, nor meals for entourage. Meals for coaches, family, etc. cost EUR 20/ day and person.

Q. What is the exact address of the Sign-in Site?

A. No. 1 Huanhu Road, Huairou District, Beijing, CHINA

Q. What is the exact address of the Ice Climbing Tower?

A. For Lead Competitions:

No. 1 Huanhu Road
Huairou District
Beijing, CHINA

For Speed Competitions:

No. 175 Yunmen Vally
Miyun District
Beijing, CHINA

Q. Is there a shuttle system in place?

A. Yes. Pick-up at the airport is available for EUR 15 single way – please provide Mr. Li Guowei cma8848@hotmail.com with details about your flights.

There will also be a shuttle between the Lead and Speed venues.

Q. Where can I find the Event Program?

A. Please find the Program here under the 2017 UIAA ICE CLIMBING SEASON.