FAQs and Logistical Information: Cheongsong

Q. Where can I pay for the registration, the meals and the accommodation?

A. Please pay on Site. Only cash in Euros is accepted.

Athletes: EUR 200 per person (Participation Fee EUR 50, Accommodation, Meal & Transportation Fee EUR 150)

Officials: EUR 150 per person (including Manager, Coach and others) (for Accommodation, Meal & Transportation)

EUR 150 includes:

  • Accommodation: 3 nights and 4 days from Friday 13th January to Monday 16th January, 2017
  • Meals: From Dinner 13th January to Breakfast 16th January, 2017
  • Transportation: Incheon Int’l Airport & Seoul <-> Cheongsong (Official Hotel) AND Official Hotel <-> Competition Venue

Q. How do I obtain a visa for the event?

A. If you need an invitation letter for VISA, please contact the Korean Alpine Federation (KAF) by Monday 12th December, 2016 kockaf@chol.com

Q. When is the registration deadline for the World Cup?

A. The deadline for registering is December 31st, 20.00 CET.

Q. What is the exact address of the Opening Ceremony?

A. Cheongsong Multi-Cultural Welfare Town

Q. What is the exact address of the Ice Climbing Tower?

A. Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

Q. Is there a shuttle system in place?

A. KAF will provide transportation to Cheongsong (Official Hotel)

All the participants (officials and athletes) should make a reservation for the transportation through the event’s official website www.ice-climbing.kr by 26th December 2016

For exact pick-up information, please check the document “Event Information” under Cheongsong on the UIAA Ice Climbing Page.

Q. Where can I find the Event Program?

A. Please find the Program here under the 2017 UIAA ICE CLIMBING SEASON.

Q. What is the official Organizer’s Website?

A. http://www.ice-climbing.kr