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  • EAWS announces changes to avalanche standards

    EAWS (European Avalanche Warning Services) have introduced a standard for typical avalanche problems and changed the names of avalanche sizes and the wording of the European avalanche danger scale. Full details can be found here. Please also find a...


    The UIAA Mountaineering Commission held its latest meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, in April 2018. The meeting, which was hosted by the Federação de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal (FCMP), was attended by 11 delegates from nine different countries. ...

  • Online climbing gear: are you buying safe equipment?

    The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) recently published a guide regarding the potential perils of buying climbing equipment online, notably the abundance of non-certified equipment offered by dubious sellers. The UIAA endorses the BMC article whi...

  • Mountain Skills: The most common group dynamics

    The latest in our series of extracts from the UIAA Alpine Skills Summer handbook focuses on group dynamics and forms part of a chapter dedicated to ‘Leading a Group’  which tackles the way people behave and relate to others in an exact...


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Whether climbing a distant summit, or exploring the depths below, our desire to access the inaccessible inspires an enduring passion to fulfill our dreams. The mission of the Petzl Foundation is to support or initiate projects which serve the public interest. These projects shall seek a harmonious balance between human activities in the mountains and the vertical world relative to their impact on our natural, cultural and economic environments.

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