Location: Joseung Rock & Camping Site, Jecheon City, Choongcheongbukdo (Korea)
Date: 8-9 June, 2019
Links: Facebook
Estimated Number Of Participants: 45
Organiser: Crack Crusader


The Trad Climbing Festival supported by the Korea Alpine Federation, a UIAA member association, and sponsored by The North Face and Black Diamond celebrated its third edition this year with around 45 climbers expected to participate.  First held in 2017, the festival has become increasingly popular, selling out almost immediately. The aim of the festival is to preserve the climbing culture within Korea.  While Trad Climbing is often seen as being difficult and dangerous, it helps reaffirm the importance of wildlife and nature, while the process of overcoming these difficulties can prove incredibly rewarding. Those participating will get to experience and enhance their passion for climbing through its pure natural rock, not simply in the gym. By discussing and sharing experiences, climbers will get to share their passion for natural rock climbing.


The main festival organiser is Sungwook Moon, climbing clinic instructor. Eighteen people in total are involved, including Jongreung An, Black Climber, Seokmoon Choi, The North Face and Myeonghee Park, World Champion Ice Climber.


Whilst there is no specific youth programme, the festival is focused on increasing youth participation and is planning an educational and activity for young people in association with the Alpine Club and youth committee of the Korean Alpine Federation.  All instructors are focused on passing on their knowledge and passion of climbing to the youngsters.


In the first edition of the festival there were 60 participants, in the second there were 36 participants.  This year there were 45.  By reducing the number of participants the organisers believe they can increase the quality of the event. Almost all of the participants come from within Korea.  80% of climbers are beginners with the other 20% being of an intermediate standard.


Registration is accepted via online questionnaires and received on a first come, first served basis. The questionnaire focuses on ten areas, including the minimum qualification requirements for participation in this event (eg: Should be a climber who should be able to descend by himself/herself for security and protection). No registration is accepted on the day of the event.


There were lectures on environmental protection and respect for nature, with a particular focus on the relationship with villagers and minimising damage. On day two, there was an instruction regarding various cracks (finger, hand, fist and layback) in natural rock.


One of the key facets of the festival is that of environmental protection.  There is an emphasis that nature must be handed over to the next generation. Not simply damage to rock, but the importance of reducing waste and respecting the local community.


Safety is a priority at the festival.  Applicants are able to take out insurance and sign a pledge.  Participants who fail to comply with the basic safety climbing rules are excluded from the event. All activities are taught by top roping, and the back-up system should be trained while descending.


Trad Climbing Festival is supported by the following partners The North Face, Black Diamond.

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