Youth Commission

Youth Commission members meet in Shadag, Azerbaijan in December 2013 (Photo: Israfil Ashurly)

About the Youth Commission

The Youth Commission promotes climbing and mountaineering are activities which give young people around the world an opportunity to experience adventure and develop socially and educationally. Today’s children are the future of our sport and must be a priority.

The commission assist member federations in establishing youth programmes and support existing ones. We help with the training and developing of youth leaders by organising international seminars and training courses. We also make guidelines which member federation can use to develop their own courses. The Youth Commission functions as a forum for the exchange of information on good practise, ideas and experience regarding youth and mountaineering.  

Every year the UIAA and our member federations organise activities for young people and their leaders.


As confirmed by Management Committee Munich May 2014


Ashurly (President) Israfil, Azerbaijan (AAF)
Awan Mohammad Nasir
, Pakistan (ACP)
Chinellato Rosella
, Italy (CAI)
Dennison Mark
, UK (BMC)
Grillot Etienne
, France (FFCAM)
Kadiyeva Margaryta, Ukraine (MCFU)
Klenov Alexander
, Russia (RMF/CFR)
Milosevic Neda
, Serbia (PSS)
Omerzu Damjan
, Slovenia (PZS)
Roh Icksang
, South Korea (KAF)
Sánchez Cánovas Miguel
, Spain (FEDME)

Corresponding members

Hashemi Mahmoud, Iran (I.R.ISMF)
Kutchava Zurab
, Georgia (MCAG)
Paterson Jenny
, South Africa (MCSA)
Sanjaa Zaya
, Mongolia (MMNF)
Saso Hiroo, Japan (JMA)
Wang Yongfeng
, China (CMA)

Honorary Member

Zaidler Alexander


Arran Anne
De Felice Dolores

Dennison Mark
Mihelic Zdenka

Rohner Anita
Pfalz-Liebert Reimar

Sangsea Lee
Chauhan Colonel

Board Link

Thomas Kähr