Anti-Doping Education

UIAA affirms the belief of WADA & UNESCO that education is a central theme of any programme designed to remove doping from sports. A successful programme of anti-doping worldwide can only function with adequate education of athletes and the whole sporting community. The UIAA firmly believes that athletes and their support system should be well aware of all rights, obligations, anti-doping precautions, methods, doping control systems and prohibitive substances. It also reiterates that athletes should be aware of consequences of doping not just in terms of doping code violations and disciplinary measures thereof, but also about the health hazards caused due to doping substances.

The UIAA with help of WADA and other anti-doping agencies will raise awareness about anti-doping in the mountaineering community. UIAA and its member associations are committed to provide the ideal environment for ‘fair play’ and educate every member of the mountaineering community about the harm from doping to the sport and the individual(s) concerned.

The WADA website provides a number of resources designed to help athletes understand the dangers and consequences of doping, as well as their responsibilities under the World Anti-Doping Code (Code).


Please refer to the related pages for information on the UIAA’s commitment to clean climbing.


Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)


Anti-Doping Commission