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The UIAA Legal Affairs Commission was created in 2022. Its general purpose and primary tasks are detailed in the dedicated page about this Commission.

The database includes judgments from courts, tribunals, and authoritative bodies. Users can search for cases based on the key activity, e.g. winter hiking, outdoor climbing, indoor climbing, the accident location, or type of a proceeding, e.g. civil, criminal, or disciplinary. Each entry includes a comment from the UIAA Legal Affairs Commission and links to the original case-law if available. The intention is for the database to serve as a live tool with regular updates.

The database will serve as a tool to increase knowledge amongst members and the climbing community regarding legal risks and consequences of mountaineering and climbing. In its report findings, there will be an opportunity to showcase UIAA’s other work in international safety standards (medical, training, Safety Label) and introduce a more educational component.

Please note that the database focuses on cases decided by official authorities and doesn’t include every mountaineering accident. The UIAA Legal Affairs Commission curates and maintains the database and welcomes guest contributors with relevant case-law knowledge.