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Using this resource – businesses, partners, members and individuals – can support the UIAA on a one-off or ongoing basis by donating to specific projects or causes.

Through its Commissions, the UIAA spearheads a number of key initiatives including:

  • Creating and developing safety resources for climbers and mountaineers
  • Protection of the mountain environment
  • Encouraging youth development
  • Mediating in access issues
  • Supporting mountain communities

You can support the UIAA as a whole or specific areas or projects.

Projects you can support are detailed below and will change on a regular basis.


The UIAA Mountain Protection Award (MPA) was created in 2013. During its seven years of existence, the annual MPA has made a tangible difference to mountain lives, communities and the environment. It has enabled people to raise finances to build key infrastructures, conduct vital research and fulfil pending goals; it has provided an international showcase and communication platform for projects to raise awareness and exchange ideas and initiatives. Not only has it supported local communities, it has fostered its own global community. The Award celebrates innovation and a desire to make a difference.

You can help support the 2020 MPA as a whole. Donations will be used to increase the prize money, allowing representatives of the prize runner-up and the best new initiative to be invited to the UIAA General Assembly together with the overall project winner. Alternatively, by using the comments box, you can also select a specific MPA nominee to support.

Further details on the UIAA Mountain Protection Award can be found here. As of 2020, the Award is partnered by BALLY.
The nomination phase for the 2020 MPA will be open shortly. 


The UIAA began creating safety standards in 1960 with the testing of ropes. It has since developed standards for over twenty types of safety equipment, including helmets, harnesses and crampons. UIAA Safety Standards are regularly revised and updated by the UIAA Safety Commission to ensure they meet ever-changing nature and demands of the market and climbing and mountaineering world. The Commission constantly reviews mountaineering and climbing accidents to determine if the standards are at a high enough level. Standards are not only revised, brand new standards are frequently introduced

Over recent years the subject of corrosion has been a significant concern for the research arm of the UIAA Safety Commission (SafeCom). Commission members and external experts have invested significant time and resources into collecting data from climbers and running analysis of samples of faulty anchors. Read more here. SafeCom would appreciate your support in its efforts to revise the Standards related to anchor corrosion. Donations will support SafeCom in running more analysis and conduct further research.

Further details on the UIAA Safety Standards can be found here.


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The UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation – would like to extend its sympathy to all those affected by the devastating and unprecedented fires currently enveloping many areas of Australia. Australia is recognised by the global mountaineering community for the scale and high quality of climbing offered and for decades Australians have featured amongst the world’s top rock climbers and mountaineers.

As of 15 January, 28 people had lost their lives as a result of the fires, while there is an estimated loss of wildlife that currently stands at over one billion animals. On a continent where large fires are a part of life, the sheer scale of the disaster has proved overwhelming. Ongoing drought and a changing climate have laid the environmental foundation for these fires, with lightning strikes being a major immediate cause. The damage will leave a considerable environmental legacy, with many species driven to extinction and ecosystems unable to recover. Many areas of outstanding natural beauty enjoyed by the outdoor community, be it for climbing, cross country skiing or hiking, have been severely hit by the fires. For instance the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Mt Buffalo in Victoria and the very large area of alpine country in Australia’s south east.

The impact of the fires in Australia, smoke and associated impacts, are now being felt much further afield. The mountain ranges that align along the path of the prevailing westerly atmospheric ‘currents’ are the first to be visibly affected. In New Zealand, 2,000km away across the Tasman Sea, snow and glaciers have turned brown from the dust created by the fires, accelerating their melt and retreat and passing ash clouds have darkened the skies and left a smoky atmosphere. The impacts are now being seen even further away, as far away as the South American mountain ranges.

The New Zealand Alpine Club, a long-standing UIAA member, has a vibrant and large Australian Section. There are also many long established climbing clubs active around the vast continent that is Australia. You can support the Australian Bushfire Emergency by donating at the following link.

The UIAA member initiative changes every quarter. To propose a project from your federation please contact Carol Kahoun, carol.kahoun@theuiaa.org
The next project will go live on 1 April, 2020.



The UIAA began supporting ClimbAID in early 2019. ClimbAID is a non-profit organisation founded in September 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland which focuses on humanitarian projects with an emphasis on climbing and other alpine sports activities. In particular, ClimbAID focuses on the holistic development of youth into autonomous, social, self- and environmentally aware actors. ClimbAID brings the joy of climbing to communities impacted by war and poverty.

The link below will direct you to ClimbAID’s own donate page.



CAC is a not-for-profit charity that raises awareness and funds for cancer research through the worldwide climbing community.

The charity was created by the late John Ellison, a British climber who after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, established a charity that has since raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from climbers and mountaineers. In May 2014, Ellison was honoured by the UIAA at a meeting of the UIAA Management Committee in Munich. Ellison was feted for his outstanding efforts to bring together the global family of climbers and mountaineers to raise funds for research to fight and beat cancer. The UIAA has supported CAC ever since.

The following link will direct you to CAC’s own Donate page.



At any one time the UIAA Donate page will provide the opportunity to support at least five projects and initiatives run by the UIAA, its members or its partners. On a seasonal basis, projects will be replaced to provide the opportunity for the UIAA to raise awareness about different causes. Should you wish to make a more general donation to the UIAA, you can select the option ‘General Support’. You can then provide details in the Comments box on how you wish your donation to be spent (for example to a project or Commission not currently promoted on the page). If you wish the donation to be managed by the UIAA it will be assigned to the most pressing and urgent causes at that given time. Donations can also be made on a regular, or one-off, basis.

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