UIAA Court

In every structured and democratic organisation, there are normally three separate powers: legislative, executive, and judicial.

The UIAA Court is this internal and independent judicial body of the UIAA (AoA 23). Its task is to solve, when requested, any possible disputes between the UIAA, UIAA members and UIAA bodies, and between UIAA member organisations. This is a first instance internal arbitration court where possible disputes must be brought before any appeal to an external one, in this instance the Court of Arbitration for Sport at Lausanne (AoA 23 3) and 24)). This is not the sole mission assigned to the UIAA Court. It is also the independent judicial body founded to decide upon the alleged violations of the UIAA Code of Ethics (Article 4). Additionally, the UIAA Court is also the Ethics Panel in charge of conflicts of interests, should the Executive Board be unable to reach a decision.

No case of any kind was filed in 2021 nor in 2022. The main role of the Court over the past twelve months has been to offer advice about AoAs and UIAA regulations.

The UIAA Court is looking to recruit the expertise of more arbitrators. Any federations who have experienced arbitrators, lawyers or managers, are invited to propose candidates to the UIAA Court.

The UIAA Court

Pierre Humblet


S. Mohammadal Abdollahi

Marco del Zotto

Denis Poncelin

Franz Stämpfli-Glatthard