Commission Project

The UIAA Anti-Doping Commission assists member associations to implement the World Anti-Doping (WADA) Code and related Anti-Doping Policies and Procedures.

It adopts and implements the WADA Programme in its entirety and is responsible for ensuring that all its member associations and athletes respect and comply with the Code, all relevant International Standards and all the principles inherent to the Code.

Tasks of the Commission:

  • Develop and maintain UIAA doping control programme (for UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour) including in and out of competition testing, result based testing, random testing and targeted testing.
  • Establish and maintain the Registered Testing Pool (RTP), identifying those who need provide their whereabouts.
  • Development and maintenance of UIAA Anti-Doping Policy and Procedure and ensure compliance with the WADA code.
  • Develop UIAA anti-doping education and information programme for all stakeholders (Coordinate education with Member Association and NADOs – National Association of Development Organizations). Focus education for Member Countries with recognition of NADO).
  • Member Association education and assist in implementation of UIAA Anti-Doping Policy and Procedure
  • Producing an annual report on UIAA Anti-Doping activities
  • WADA and NADO communication
  • Anti-doping support for UIAA Unit Member, International Skyrunning Federation

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Full Members

Marija ANDJELKOVIC (President)
Serbia (MAS)
Nenad DIKIC Italy, (ISF)

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There are no Corresponding Member in this commission

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