The UIAA Training Commission has developed a set of internationally recognised training qualifications and certifications for mountaineering and climbing instructors and guides. These certifications are awarded based on a rigorous evaluation of the candidate’s technical skills, teaching abilities, and safety awareness.

The Mountain Qualification Label (MQL) is a system of qualifications that applies to instructors and guides in various mountain sports disciplines, such as climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and hiking.

Why apply
for UIAA qualifications?

Are you looking to promote your organisation’s mountain guiding and instruction services? Look no further than the UIAA Training Commission’s Mountain Qualification Labels. The UIAA’s certification programme accredits the qualifications managed by UIAA member organisations for mountaineering and climbing instructors, leaders, and trainers, ensuring that they have the proficiency, experience, and knowledge necessary to lead clients safely and effectively in the mountains.

In addition to a rigorous accreditation process, the UIAA Training Commission offers optional training courses and workshops to member organisations looking to improve the technical skills, teaching abilities, and safety awareness of their instructors and leaders. From the latest knowledge and techniques related to mountaineering and climbing to leadership and communication skills, the courses provide instructors and leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

The UIAA’s Mountain Qualification Labels cover a range of mountaineering activities, including hiking, climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, and canyoning, with clearly defined sub-categories. If a UIAA member organisation offers qualifications that cover multiple sub-categories, the Training Commission recognises and endorses this by awarding multiple Mountain Qualification Labels to the federation’s qualification.

But that’s not all – the UIAA also offers a service to federations that helps them empower their instructors with UIAA Skills Certificate Graduation courses. These online courses are available to trainees who have successfully completed a practical training course in an accredited mountain activity. Upon completion, trainees receive a UIAA-branded certificate that they can showcase on social media or use to promote their skills to potential clients.

So why wait? Join the ranks of UIAA certified member organisations and showcase your commitment to safe and sustainable mountaineering and climbing practices with the UIAA Training Commission’s Mountain Qualification Labels. Contact us to learn more about the accreditation process and training courses

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