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The UIAA Safety Commission, founded in the 1960s, is formed of experts with engineering backgrounds from different UIAA member federations as well as delegates from international manufacturers with certified UIAA Safety Labels and accredited testing laboratories. The Safety Commission is responsible for developing the UIAA Safety Standards and consequently working to help minimise accidents in mountaineering and climbing.

General purpose of the UIAA Safety Commission:

  • To support climbers and mountaineers in their goal of managing the inherent risks of these activities
  • Develop – revise – upgrade international standards for climbing and mountaineering equipment
  • Advise climbers on how to treat/retire/use equipment

Tasks of the Safety Commission:

  • To review mountaineering and climbing accidents, to determine if the existing UIAA equipment Standards are adequate. To identify any examples of poor technique or equipment misuse.
  • To develop technical Standards for all mountaineering and climbing equipment, in order to minimise accidents caused by equipment failure due to inadequate design or inadequate quality control. To periodically review these Standards, updating and improving them as this becomes necessary.
  • To monitor any new types of mountaineering or climbing equipment becoming available, and updating or adding new Standards as may be needed.
  • To ensure that the laboratories that are used to test mountaineering and climbing equipment are competent. These laboratories must be accredited, so they properly complete the equipment testing as stipulated by the UIAA Standards.
  • To contribute to the UIAA programme that provides information and advice, regarding best practice when people participate in mountaineering or climbing.
  • To provide information to equipment manufacturers which will promote improved climbing and mountaineering equipment.
  • To collaborate with the other UIAA Commissions, UIAA federations and other worldwide external organisations, to achieve these objectives.
  • Share the latest climbing equipment recalls and warnings information.

Safety Commission Membership

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Full Members

Lionel KIENER (President)
Switzerland (SAC | CAS)
Alexis MALLON (Vice President)
France (FFCAM)
Gebhard BARBISCH Switzerland, (ICAR)
Per FORSBERG Sweden, (SKF)
Nicholas GALPIN United Kingdom, (BMC)
Stephen GLADIEUX United States, (AAC)
Julia JANOTTE Germany, (DAV)
Kazuhiko KITAMURA Japan, (JMSCA)
Artiomas KURANOVAS Lithuania, (LMA)
Ali SAHIN Turkey, (TDF)
Géza TÓTH Belgium, (CMBel)

Corresponding Members

Dave CUSTER United States, (AAC)
Arda HATUNOGLU Switzerland, (ISA)
Andrew Anthony Tony HAVICS
Hitoshi ONODERA Japan, (JMSCA)
Nikolcho PETROV Republic of North Macedonia, (FPSM)
Alvar Carlos PUENTE GREENE Argentina, (FASA)
Hai THAI Switzerland, (ISA)
Alexander VELHINHO Portugal, (FPME)
Ta-Chi WANG Chinese Taipei, (CTMA)

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