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The Legal Affairs Commission (LAC) was founded in 2022. It was formerly a longstanding Working Group in the Mountaineering Commission.

General purpose of the Legal Affairs Commission:

  • Support Executive Committee, Management Board and Commissions in areas concerning the law.
  • Give the best possible advice through its network of international law experts
  • Collect and share know-how in law related to mountains and sports

Tasks of the Commission:

  • Support and give recommendations to UIAA entities about topics of law of their interest, e.g. environmental law, intellectual property (IP) law, insurance and liability, sports and travel law.
  • LEWG provides quick consultation to meet commission legal needs.

The LAC’s activities focus on

  • Case study database of climbing and mountaineering legal cases
  • Legal advice for UIAA Training Standards
  • Legal advice in connection with the copyright of UIAA Safety Standards, as well as misrepresenting of the UIAA (TM) Safety Label logo
  • Cooperation with UIAA Climate Taskforce
  • ENVI/Access support for guidelines, awards, advocacy and solving difficult cases.
  • Mountain Workers Initiative (MWI): prepare guidelines and recommendations for porters in high mountains
  • Gathering of cases, mainly judgements from all around the world, related to mountaineering accidents in the mountains and their selection in a database accessible to UIAA member federations and mountaineers

Legal Commission Membership

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Full Members

Czech Republic (CMLA)
Jim MOSS (Vice President)
United States (AAC)
Mohammadali ABDOLLAHI Iran, (IMSCF)
Paul CARSTENSEN South Africa, (MCSA)
Rupert DAVIES United Kingdom, (BMC)
Anna GILLOOLY New Zealand, (NZAC)
Juliana STOJANOVSKA Republic of North Macedonia, (FPSM)

Corresponding Members

Stéphanie KUONEN Switzerland, (SAC | CAS)
Edward Everett VAILL United States, (AAC)

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