Youth Commission


The UIAA Youth Commission, founded in 1959, promotes climbing and mountaineering as activities which give young people around the world an opportunity to experience adventure and develop socially and educationally. Today’s children are the future of our sport and must be a priority.

The Commission assists member federations in establishing youth programmes and supporting existing ones. It helps with the training and developing of youth leaders by organising international seminars and training courses. It produces guidelines which member federations can use to develop their own courses. The Youth Commission functions as a forum for the exchange of information on good practices, ideas and experience regarding youth and mountaineering.

General purpose of the UIAA Youth Commission:

  • Develop standards for and to certify climbing and mountaineering youth events.
  • Organise, promote and support international climbing and mountaineering Youth Camps (“UIAA Global Mountain Summit”), working closely with UIAA member federations and existing events.
  • Provide young people around the world the opportunity to experience adventure.
  • Give young people the opportunity to develop socially and educationally-promote responsible and sustainable recreation.

Tasks of the Commission:

  • The UIAA Youth Commission will:
    • Establish and promote a series of well-organised, attractive events for youth all over the world.
    • Bring youth from all over the world to connect, to learn, to build friendships, and to enjoy.
    • Help motivate and educate next generations of climbers and mountaineers and future leaders in the world of climbing and mountaineering.

The Youth Commission activities focus on

The UIAA Youth Commission is committed to educating and introducing youth to the following outdoor sports:

• Hiking
• Rock Climbing
• Bouldering
• Ice Climbing
• Mountaineering

Youth Commission Membership

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Full Members

Pavlos GEORGIADES (President)
Cyprus (CMCOF)
Mircea IGNAT (Vice President)
Romania (CAR)
Barbara BAJCER Slovenia, (PZS)
Christian BIARD France, (FFCAM)
Jane CARNEY (Commission President / VP)
Ireland (MI)
Bhaskar DAS India, (IMF)
Irena DIKOV Republic of North Macedonia, (FPSM)
David EVANS United Kingdom, (BMC)
Yasmin GAHTANI Saudi Arabia, (SCHF)
Adam JANATA Switzerland, (ISA)
Michael NAGEL (Commission Member)
Germany (DAV)
Mrika NIKCI Kosovo, (KMSCF)
Katharina ORTNER (Commission Member)
Switzerland (ISA)

Corresponding Members

Cristina CUCU Romania, (CAR)
Rojas GIULIANA (Commission Member)
Anthony KWOK Hong Kong, China, (HKCMCU)
Gary VAN VUUREN South Africa, (MCSA)

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