As part of its commitment to developing international standards for mountaineering, the UIAA officially classified the 129 main peaks of the Pyrenees. In December 1995, the UIAA Bulletin (newsletter) published an official list of the 129 main peaks of the Pyrenees and the 83 secondary peaks.


This list is the result of many years of work by a group of mountaineers from both Spain and France led by Jean Buyse. The guiding principles used in this list are very similar, if not equivalent, to those used for the Alps. The distinction between main peaks and secondary peaks, and rigid criteria of acceptance have been defined: peaks must have a name, and be on a map or guidebook to be considered for entry.

If they are the culmination (highest) point of a given mountain, or elevations at a meeting of at least three ridges descending from the same summit and delimiting the slopes of said summit, they have been included in the main list. If they satisfy the first two, but none of these last two criteria, then they appear in the list of secondary peaks.

Zone 1: Balaïtous-Enfer-Argualas

Balaïtous 3,144 m
Enfer central 3,083 m
Enfer oriental 3,076 m
Enfer occidental 3,073 m
Frondella NE 3,071 m
Garmo negro 3,051 m
Argualas 3,046 m
Algas 3,036 m
Arnales 3,006 m
Grande Fache 3,005 m
Frondella SW 3,001 m

Zone 2: Vignemale

Pique longue 3,298 m
Clot de la Hount 3,289 m
Cerbillona 3,247 m
Pic central 3,235 m
Pic de Montferrat 3,219 m
Pointe Chausenque 3,204 m
Piton Carré 3,197 m
Grand Tapou 3,150 m
Pic du Milieu 3,130 m
Petit Vignemale 3,032 m

Zone 3: Monte Perdido

Monte Perdido 3,355 m
Cilindro de Marboré 3,328 m
Soum de Ramond 3,258 m
Pic du Marboré 3,248 m
Pic de la cascade oriental 3,161 m
Pic du Taillon 3,144 m
Pic de la cascade central or Pic Brulle 3,106 m
Pic de la cascade occidental 3,095 m
Épaule du Marboré 3,073 m
Astazou Oriental or Grand Astazou 3,071 m
Baudrimont NW 3,045 m
Gabietou occidental 3,034 m
Gabietou oriental 3,031 m
Baudrimont SE 3,026 m
Astazou occidental or Petit Astazou 3,012 m
Tour du Marboré 3,009 m
Casque du Marboré 3,006 m
Punta de las Olas 3,002 m

Zone 4: La Munia

Pic de la Munia 3,133 m
Serre Mourene 3,090 m
Troumouse 3,085 m
Heid 3,022 m
Robiñera 3,003 m

Zone 5: Néouvielle-Pic Long

Pic Long 3,192 m
Campbieil 3,173 m
Badet 3,160 m
Pic de Néouvielle 3,091 m
Maou 3,074 m
Maubic 3,058 m
Trois Conseillers 3,039 m
Turon de Néouvielle 3,035 m
Bugarret 3,031 m
Pale Crabounouse 3,021 m
Dent d’Estibere 3,017 m
Pic Ramougn 3,011 m
Estaragne 3,006 m

Zone 6: Batoua-Batchimale

Pic Schrader 3,177 m
Punta del Sabre 3,136 m
Pointe Ledormeur 3,120 m
Pic Marcos Feliu 3,067 m
Batoua SW 3,034 m
Abeille 3,029 m
Pic de la Pez 3,024 m
Lustou 3,023 m
Pic du Port de la Pez 3,018 m

Zone 7: Posets-Eristé

Posets peak 3,375 m
Espadas 3,332 m
Les Jumeaux Ravier 3,160 m
Les Veterans 3,125 m
Pavots 3,121 m
Dent de Llardana 3,085 m
Bardamina 3,079 m
Pic de la Paul 3,078 m
Grand Eriste 3,053 m
Eriste S 3,045 m
Beraldi 3,025 m
Turets NW 3,007 m

Zone 8: Clarabide-Perdiguero-Boum

Perdiguero 3,222 m
Punta de Lliterola 3,132 m
Pic des Gourgs Blancs 3,129 m
Pic Royo 3,121 m
Crabioules Oriental 3,116 m
Seil Dera Baquo 3,110 m
Pic de Maupas 3,109 m
Pic Lezat 3,107 m
Crabioules Occidental 3,106 m
Pic Jean Arlaud 3,065 m
Pic des Spijeoles 3,065 m
Grand Quayrat 3,060 m
Pic du Portillon d’Oô 3,050 m
Pic Camboue 3,043 m
Pic Gourdon 3,034 m
Pic de Clarabide 3,020 m
Pic de Gias 3,011 m
Pic Belloc 3,008 m
Pic de Boum 3,006 m
Pic de Saint Saud 3,003 m

Zone 9: Maladeta-Aneto

Aneto 3,404 m
Pointe d’Astorg 3,355 m
Pic Maudit 3,350 m
Epaule de l’Aneto 3,350 m
Pico del Medio 3,346 m
La Maladeta 3,308 m
Pico de Coronas 3,293 m
Pic des Tempêtes 3,290 m
1st Pic Occidental Maladeta 3,254 m
Pic Margalida 3,241 m
2nd Pic Occidental Maladeta 3,220 m
Pic Russell 3,205 m
3rd Pic Occidental Maladeta 3,185 m
Pic le Bondidier 3,185 m
Diente de Alba 3,136 m
Pico de Alba 3,118 m
Pic de Vallibierna 3,067 m
Tuca de Culebras 3,062 m
Pic Aragüells 3,037 m
Tuc de Mulleres 3,010 m

Zone 10: Besiberris

Besiberri Nord 3,014 m
Punta Alta de Comalesbienes or Punta Alta 3,014 m
Pic Celestin Passet 3,002 m
Comaloforno 3,033 m
Besiberri Sud 3,030 m
Besiberri del MigS 3,003 m
Besiberri del MigN 3,002 m

Zone 11: Estats-Montcalm

Pic d’Estats 3,143 m
Pic Verdaguer 3,131 m
Punta Gabarró 3,105 m
Pic du Port de Sullo 3,072 m
Pic de Montcalm 3,077 m

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