Application Process for UIAA Training Qualifications

Below are the steps which must be taken in order to apply for UIAA training qualifications.


Eligibility Criteria

1. You must be a UIAA member (primary and associate) or a UIAA member delegated provider. UIAA Observer members are eligible to apply under specific conditions and shall pay an additional fee.

2. You must also have an educational programme for leaders and instructors or start to institute an education programme with a robust quality assurance system.



The qualification must be specified as either a leadership or instructional qualification.
A leader is a person who can take responsibility for other people (including beginners) and lead or supervise an activity.
An instructor or tutor is a person who can teach people (including beginners) so they are competent to take part in an activity. For mountaineering activities an instructor is normally qualified to lead as a pre-requisite before completing pedagogical training.
In order to apply to start working towards accreditation, the administrative or training officer should register on the UIAA Training Management System and complete an application form.


Assessment and Visit

The Training Commission will assess the application and propose a validator for the chosen scheme. The UIAA office will then send an invoice for registration. Once payment is received, an agreement will be signed and the process to begin the accreditation and site visits begins.


Induction Visit

A site visit is required from the mentor or another visit of the Training Commission in order to properly evaluate existing systems, teaching sites etc in order to give meaningful advice about the on-going development. The association must arrange the mentor’s travel and accommodation. A recommended way to eliminate this cost is by hosting a Mountaineering Commission meeting and scheduling the induction visit to coincide.


Validation and Accreditation

Dates for validation visit(s) will be by mutual agreement after which the validator(s) send his/their report to the Training Commission and UIAA Office. If the criteria in evaluation checklist are met, the applicant will be issued a UIAA Mountain Qualification Label certificate valid for five (5) years.

For details on pricing please contact the UIAA Office