Angelika Rainer and Maxim Tomilov win big as UIAA World Cup ends in Saas Fee, Switzerland


News Release

22 January 2012

Saas Fee, Switzerland  – The 2012 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup in Saas Fee, Switzerland concluded Saturday with a second World Cup victory for Angelika Rainer of Italy this year in the Lead discipline and a dramatic display of skill and strength by Russia’s Maxim Tomilov in Men’s Lead.

Rainer’s victory comes about a week after her win in Cheongsong, South Korea and is significant because the Italian athlete almost quit competitive climbing last year following an elbow injury and other disappointments.

Tomilov, ranked 2nd overall in last year’s World Cup, was the winner in Men’s Lead after he put on a stunning performance to cheers from the crowd. Tomilov was the only climber to successfully reach the last panel on the climbing wall. The same event saw disappointing falls by leading contenders such as Park Hee Yong of South Korea (ranked 1st overall in 2011) and Markus Bendler of Austria (ranked 3rd overall in 2011.)

Russian climbers continued to dominate the Speed discipline with Maria Krasavina leading the pack in the Women’s division and Alexey Tomilov placing first in the Men’s division. Slovenian climber Matevz Vukotic was the only non-Russian climber on the podium in Men’s Speed. He came third.

The final results are:

Women’s Lead: Men’s Lead:
1. Angelika Rainer (Italy) 1. Maxim Tomilov (Russia)
2. Anna Gallyamova (Russia) 2. Ivan Lyulyukin (Russia)
3. Maria Tolokonina (Russia) 3. Valentyn Sypavin (Ukraine)
Women’s Speed: Men’s Speed:
1. Maria Krasavina (Russia) 1. Alexey Tomilov (Russia)
2. Julia Oleynikova (Russia) 2. Egor Trapeznikov (Russia)
3.Maria Tolokonina (Russia) 3. Matevz Vukotic (Slovenia)

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