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Online meetings have been an increasing facet of our working lives over the past few months. The UIAA itself has held a significant number of meetings originally intended as ‘in person’ get togethers electronically. This has included Executive Board, Management Committee, Commission and Commission Presidents meetings as well as the decision to host October’s General Assembly virtually.

Another type of online meeting which is proving increasing successful as a concept for international federations are talks and workshops, or better webinars. The UIAA is keen to embrace this idea with the support of its members. Earlier this month, the Cape Town Section of the Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) hosted an online seminar about an expedition to San Lorenzo in the late 1970s. Led by UIAA Management Committee member and MCSA President Greg Moseley, and through the platform of the UIAA, the session drew together experts from different continents including famed Argentinian climber Rolando Garibotti.

1978 expedition to San Lorenzo. Subject of a recent MCSA webinar. Photos courtesy of Greg Moseley

The UIAA is keen to extend the offer for member associations to promote their own seminars and talks through its online calendar. Once a month one of the upcoming talks will be profiled in the UIAA newsletter and social media. Through the presence of its own resident experts and volunteers, the UIAA would also be happy to input in any member seminars. Using the UIAA global platform, the climbing community can find new ways of connecting, sharing experiences and ideas at a time when travel and meeting people in person is difficult. To submit your webinar to the UIAA calendar please fill in the online form.

The UIAA is also considering running sessions held by its own experts and Commissions, tackling topics such as access, ice climbing, mountain protection and climber safety. Further details will follow the 2020 General Assembly.