A tribute to Vittorio Bedogni

Safety, UIAA
Photo courtesy of CAI

The UIAA was saddened to hear about the recent passing of Vittorio Bedogni. Representing Club Alpino Italiano (CAI), Vittorio was a longstanding member of the UIAA Safety Commission.

An engineer by profession, Vittorio’s passion for all things mountains began at a young age. He dedicated significant time and commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise. This was both in the context of the practise of sport and the safety of practitioners. In Italy, he was a national instructor both for mountaineering and ski alpinism. On both a national and international level, he was a major contributor in the development of knowledge around technical or methodological aspects that could contribute to the safety of climbers and mountaineers. As part of this commitment he joined the UIAA Safety Commission in 2008. Projects he played an instrumental role in delivering were the delivery of standards related to ropes, the dynamic behaviour of belaying systems, snow shovels and avalanche probes.

Vittorio Bedogni, centre, at the UIAA Safety Commission meeting in 2018

As reported in the tribute by CAI, Vittorio received a number of awards, in particular for his work supporting training schools.

Vittorio Bedogni, CAI (Legnano Section)/UIAA Safety Commission

CAI Tribute (in Italian)