Indian Mountaineering Foundation hosts Climbathon 2013 in the Bara Shigri glacier region


The Indian Mountaineering Foundation is hosting Climbathon 2013 on the Bara Shigri Glacier in Himachal Pradesh (20 July – 10 August) this summer.

There is no participation fee for the event which is sponsored by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation – if you are an Indian citizen. Climbers from outside India are welcome but will be charged a fee which will be directly communicated to them.

Application forms can be found here and must be sent in by 15 May and a decision on the 40 participants will be made by 1 June.

The Bara Shigri feeds the Chenab river and is surrounded by around 25 peaks in the 6000m range, providing varying levels of difficulty and challenge.

At base camp, participants will be split into teams for training and acclimatization walks with each team mentored by a leading mountaineer. Once acclimatized, teams will select a mountain, decide on the route and attempt to climb it.

Base camp will also host special guests including environment specialists who will discuss various issues related to mountain regions.

Applications are being accepted until 15 May 2013 and the form¬†can be downloaded at the Indian Mountaineering Foundation website. Participant requirements include the Advanced Mountaineering Course from one of India’s mountaineering institutes and achieved an A grading.

Full details about the event, requirements and other information can be found here.