Koshcheeva and Vagin are World Speed Champions


Ekaterina Koshcheeva (Photo: David Schweizer for UIAA)

Koshcheeva, 20, was a symbol of the youth wave currently taking over the UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour while Vagin, 43, represented the veteran wing of 2015 Tour that concluded today (8 March 2015).

Koshscheeva’s victory was a squeaker. Her combined time of 31.22 seconds just edged out Nadya Gallyamova, 27, who had a combined time of 32.14 seconds.

In the Men’s competition Vagin first climb took an astounding 8.97 seconds. He didn’t have to compete for his second climb because Proshchenko who won the Lead competition earlier in the day, fell on his first climb – just shy of the top – and was disqualified.

Alexey Vagin (Photo: David Schweizer for UIAA)

Both Koshcheeva and Vagin now carry the title of UIAA World Speed Champion for a two-year-period.

Their victories came at the expense of Nikolai Kuzovlev and Maria Krasavina who both headed into the semi-final and final rounds as leaders.

Kuzovlev left the competition in the final round (quarter-final) when his 20.32 seconds combined time just wasn’t enough against Egor Trapeznikov’s time of 19.94 seconds. It was that close.

Meanwhile Krasavina who is making a comeback of sorts on the Tour stumbled and slipped in her climb against Koshcheeva and was disqualified in the final round (semi-final). Similarly Ekaterina Feoktistova, who went on to be Overall leader in rankings in the Tour, fell to Gallyamova during the final four duels.

Earlier in the day Petra Klingler made history by becoming the first Swiss climber to strike Gold in the UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour while Radomir Proshchenko, just 19, defeated fellow Russian climber Maxim Tomilov.

The conclusion of the UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour in Kirov also determined the overall rankings for 2015.

They rankings are now:

Lead – Women: Angelika Rainer (1), Petra Klingler (2) and HanNaRai Song (3).
Lead – Men: Maxim Tomilov (1), HeeYong Park (2) and Alexey Tomilov (3).
Speed – Women: Ekaterina Feoktistova (1), Ekaterina Koshcheev (2) and Maria Krasavina (3).
Speed – Men: Alexey Vagin (1), Vladamir Kartashev (2) and Egor Trapezniklv (3).
Complete results can be found at www.iceclimbingworldcup.org