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Malbun, Liechtenstein has been selected to host the 2018 UIAA Ice Climbing World Youth Championships from 6-7 January, 2018.

The World Youth Championships are a fundamental aspect of the UIAA’s commitment to the future of ice climbing and present a perfect opportunity for young ice climbers, aged from 14-22, to develop their skills and experience in a competition environment. The event will take place shortly before the UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour, partnered by The North Face Korea, commencing on 18 January in Saas Fee, Switzerland.

The event will be organized by UIAA member federation Liechtensteiner Alpenverein and its dedicated organizing committee headed by Silvio Wille. Malbun has a strong ice climbing pedigree having hosted a round of the Swiss Cup since 2015 and through its annual ‘Ice Night’ which welcomes up to 80 participants. The 20m Malbun tower will provide athletes with up to nine routes and 3D hangings offer additional challenges. The competition will be supported by Stabstelle Sport.

U19 athlete Lea Beck ice climbing in Malbun (Foto: Michael Zanghellini)

Malbun is an epicenter for winter sports, renowned for its convivial, family environment and excellent facilities with a newly built youth and family hotel located adjacent to the tower. The JUFA Hotel of Malbun will host all officials and athletes during the competition and serve warm meals throughout the day.

“Malbun offers all of the ingredients necessary to create a truly exceptional UIAA Ice Climbing World Youth Championships,” explains UIAA Director of Operations Nils Glatthard, “from the experience and enthusiasm of the organisers, challenging routes, a great atmosphere and outstanding facilities.”

The Organisers themselves commented: “The Liechtensteiner Alpenverein (LAV) as the host is proud to have been selected as the venue for the 2018 UIAA Ice Climbing World Youth Championships. The Organizing Committee is looking forward to welcoming athletes, coaches and spectators from all over the world in January in Malbun, Principality of Liechtenstein.”

Malbun’s selection as host venue was confirmed following a meeting between UIAA representatives Nils Glatthard (Director of Operations) and Carol Kahoun (Event Coordinator) and members of the Organising Committee Silvio Wille (Competition Director), Petra Wille (Secretary/ Director Finance and Sponsorship), Thomas Rehak (Director of Ceremonies), Nicole Frick (Media and Marketing Manager), and Remo Gstöhl (Technical Manager).

The structure in Malbun

2017 UIAA Ice Climbing World Youth Champions:
U16, speed (female): Elizaveta Smerdova (RUS)
U16, speed (male): Vladislav Temerev (RUS)
U16, lead (female): Evgeniia Iashkova (RUS)
U16, lead (male): Maksim Reshetnikov (RUS)

U19, speed (female): Valeriia Bogdan (RUS)
U19, speed (male): Nikita Glazyrin (RUS)
U19, lead (female): Sina Goetz (SUI)
U19, lead (male): Louna Ladevant (FRA)

U22, speed (female): Vivien Labarile (SUI)
U22, speed (male): Radomir Proshchenko (RUS)
U22, lead (female): Alena Kochebaeva (RUS)
U22, lead (male): Yannick Glatthard (SUI)

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