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The UIAA recently updated one of its core Safety Standards (101 – Dynamic Ropes). This is part of the UIAA Safety Commission’s commitment to ensuring its Standards meet the ever-changing nature and demands of the market and climbing and mountaineering world.

The revision focused on correcting outdated and incorrectly organized information, as well as clarifying that the optional water repellency test needs to be carried out by a UIAA certified laboratory (see here for details on Accredited Laboratories). Also, to include length measurement as a manufacturer certified procedure instead of an annex, the procedure was verified by manufacturers in the working group at their facilities.

“Hopefully it will now be easier for manufacturers and test labs to accurately follow the appropriate procedures and report the correct information. It should also be easier for end users of our products to understand the additional UIAA 101 information if they choose to read the Standard,” explains Katie Wood, an engineer at Sterling and the Working Group leader for this revision.

The Working Group comprised representatives from the following manufacturers – Beal, CAMP, OCUN, Petzl, Sterling, and Teufelberger, as well as APAVE and VVUU laboratories.

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