Slovenia celebrates milestones


The Alpine Association of Slovenia is celebrating a couple of important milestones in 2010, and is putting the final touches on the country’s first mountain museum. The following report on these key anniversaries and events was provided by the association president, Ekar Franc.

Aljazev Stolp – Triglav Tower

115 years anniversary of the »tower« on the top of Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia and in the Julian Alps (2864 m) with the first ascent in 1778. This year is also regarded as the conquest of Triglav.

The year 1893 is remarkable as the beginning of the Slovenian Alpine Association called at that time »SPD« which was also registered and given permission for the activities by the then authorities. Two years later (1895) the renowned Slovenian priest Jakob Alja purchased the 16 square meter piece of land to build the »tower«- on the top of Triglav, which was later given the name »ALJAEV STOLP«. The tower itself is made of metal, 2,5 m high and has a diameter of 0,9m. The inside of the tower was painted with the landscape pictures, reperesenting the Julian Alps. There were a thermometer and a dish available for those who needed shelter in case of a storm. The tower could provide shelter for 2-3 persons if emergency was needed. The tower was brought to the top on August 7 and was completed on August 22 when it was also opened with a great celebration and blessing. The tower has remained on the top till nowadays, though only about 40% of the original material is preserved. Also the original location and height have been insignificantly changed.

In 1999 the »ALAEV STOLP« was declared by the state of the REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA as a national cultural monument.

Jakob Alja certainly is one of the most important personalities for the beginning of the Slovenian mountaineering. He presented the tower and the land to the SPD -Slovenian Alpine Association which was in 1948 given the name PZS – Alpine Association of Slovenia. Triglav is yearly visited by nearly 20.000 mountaineers.

Planinski Vestnik – The Slovenian mountaineering magazine of the PZS- Alpine Association of Slovenia

Planinski vestnik is celebrating 115 years anniversary of its publishing. It was first published in 1895 by SPD (Slovenian Alpine Association) and was issuing till 1945 with some short breaks during the First World War.


The magazine Planinski vestnik regularly reports significant events in the world of mountaineering and alpinism and as such plays an important role of preparing the archival material. Since this year it has laso changed the layout, it appears in A4 format.Since 1948 it has been published monthly within the scope of the PZS – Alpine Association of Slovenia which is the follower of the SPD (first Sloveniam Alpine Association).

The quality and the contents may easily be compared with the magazines of this kind in other European alpine countries.

Slovenian Mountain Museum (Slovenski Planinski Muzej)

After more than a hundred years of expectation Slovenia will get its first mountain museum. The construction work of the building was completed last year whereas the programme and exhibtion iprojects will have been completed by 7th August 2010 when the ceremonial opening will take place.

The total floor area of the museum building is spread over 1.500 square meter. The museum will contain several halls, main exhibition hall of 650 square meter which is meant for permanent and temporary exhibitions, multimedia hall of 75 square meter, museum depot, museum shop, the administrative office etc. The project investment was estimated to 3,2 million EUR. Financial support was provided by the state, Municipality Kranjska gora, PZS /Alpine Association of Slovenia/ and Triglav Nationa Park, the project investor being the Municipality Kranjska gora. PZS /Alpine Association of Slovenia has provided valuable collection of alpine archives.

The museum has a beautiful scenic location, close to the attractive Vrata valley at the foot of the North Triglav Wall.

Mountaineering in Slovenia

Slovenia is in its mountaineering and alpinistic activities extraordinary strong, 271 alpine clubs are associated in PZS /Alpine Association of Slovenia with more than 58,000 members. Alpinism, climbing, competition climbing in Slovenia are of international reputation.

After 117 years of official Slovenian alpine activities the event of opening of the museum will be a great achievement. /ekar f./