Speak Up!

In a perfect world, athletes, their entourage, and everybody with involvement and passion for sport would focus on enjoying the beauty of sport, assured that everyone else would do their utmost to exemplify sportsmanship and fair play in the pursuit of excellence. But unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and some people cheat. Therefore, everyone in and around sport; namely athletes, their entourage, sport governing bodies, governments, national Anti-Doping Organisations, laboratories, WADA, and others, has a shared responsibility for creating and safeguarding a level playing field with a zero-tolerance culture of doping at its hearth.

The Whistleblowing Program has been put in place to encourage athletes, administrators, and others from all sports and all countries to raise concerns in good faith and on reasonable grounds of suspected doping. WADA will listen to all whistleblower concerns, advise, keep them informed of the Agency’s investigations, and support, protect, and reward them as appropriate. Any person reporting misconduct to WADA will be considered an informant. The informant may decide not to pursue further cooperation with the Agency once they have provided information. An informant can become a whistleblower if they wish to cooperate further with WADA.

UIAA is advising and calling all athletes and athlete support personnel to speak about concerns about doping and use Speak Up platform organized by WADA https://speakup.wada-ama.org/WebPages/Public/FrontPages/Default.aspx

Definition of UIAA International-level Athletes

Within the overall pool of athletes set out above who are bound by and required to comply with these Anti-Doping Rules, the following athletes shall be considered to be international-level athletes for these Anti-Doping Rules, and, therefore, the specific provisions in these  Anti-Doping Rules applicable to International-Level  Athletes (e.g. Testing, TUEs,  whereabouts, and Results Management)  shall apply to such athletes: athletes who participate in the following UIAA international events: World Championships, World Cups, Continental Cups.

Please refer to the full UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour calendar at: iceclimbing.sport

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