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The UIAA is delighted to announce its partnership with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)’s 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme (STP). In marking the UN declared International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, the UIAA joins a list of international partners which includes national, regional and local authorities, academic institutions, for profit and non-profit industry associations.

We look forward to active participation in the 10YFP STP in our role as key promoters for mountaineering and responsible mountain recreation and tourism for sustainable mountain development,” explains UIAA Mountain Protection Commission President Dr Carolina Adler. “As we work towards upgrading our own UIAA sustainability guidelines as part of the Mountain Protection Commission’s work, as well as develop new environment-themed syllabus and curricula content for training manuals and handbooks, we see this partnership as an opportunity to count on best state-of-the-art knowledge from key players in these fields. Likewise, we offer and share with these platforms a wealth of information and years of experience implementing our own sustainability projects, as a way of giving back and improve our projects”.  

Principally through the work of its dedicated Commission, the UIAA is a leading player in the world of mountain protection and its work is continuing to make a positive difference notably in initiatives which have mountain tourism at their heart. In 2017 its flagship projects in mountain protection have continued to grow. Its mountain clean-up and educational initiative Respect the Mountains, with events held in popular tourist destinations, has bought together nearly 1,000 volunteers across seven countries on two continents. In parallel, the annual UIAA Mountain Protection Award, an international showcase for projects engaged in promoting sustainable mountain practices and ecological tourism, has attracted a record number of entrants. The winner of the 2017 Award will be announced at the UIAA General Assembly in Shiraz, Iran on 21 October.

Mujer Montaña from South America, one of the 26 projects showcased as part of the 2017 UIAA Mountain Protection Award

About 10YFP

The 10YFP’s (10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns) Sustainable Tourism Programme (STP) is a collaborative platform to bring together existing initiatives and partnerships and facilitate new projects and activities to accelerate the shift to sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in tourism.

As an implementation mechanism for the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12, with potential to advance other SDGs as well (among them SDG8 focusing on decent work and economic growth, SDG13 addressing climate change or SDGs14 and SDG15 on marine and terrestrial resources), the vision of the 10YFP STP is for a tourism sector that has globally adopted SCP resulting in enhanced environmental and social outcomes and improved economic performance.

The 10YFP STP focusses on four areas of work: 1) Integrating SCP in tourism related policies and frameworks; 2) Promoting collaboration among stakeholders for the improvement of the tourism sector’s SCP performance – including the application of monitoring frameworks; 3) Fostering the application of guidelines, tools and technical solutions to mainstream SCP for destinations, enterprises and tourists; and 4) Enhancing sustainable tourism investment and financing.

The UIAA is among the number of partners who have joined the 10YFP STP and actively participating in its implementation.

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