The five World Cup events which form the 2018 UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour, partnered by The North Face Korea, represent the ultimate stage for competition ice climbing. In parallel, the UIAA promotes the development of ice climbing through sister events, continental championships and youth competitions.

For the first time, four European Cup events will be held from early December to the end of February offering athletes with both the chance to maintain their form for the World Cup season and for younger and debutant competition ice climbers to test themselves in a professional environment.

“The European Cup season extends the opportunities the UIAA offers ice climbers to both improve their core skills and become more competition ready,” explains Event Coordinator Rob Adie. “It is both a stepping stone for the World Tour and a chance to provide climbers with more competitive events.”

While the four events will take place in Europe, non-European athletes are eligible for these competitions which are also open to U16 ice climbers.

Registration and results are handled by local organisers. Below is a quick guide to specifics about each event. Please note updates will be made to this article whenever available.

European Cup Lead Domzale (Slovenia) – 2 December, 2017
Event website: https://icec.pzs.si/index_en.php
Register here: https://icec.pzs.si/registration.php

The event will be lead only. There is no speed wall.

Routes will be suitable for climbers who have never competed at the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup level. As well as encouraging developing ice climbers the competition would be better suited to athletes placed 20 below (male) and 10 below (female) in the final rankings for the 2017 UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour.

The structure is artificial and dry with one or two ice barrels. The climbing wall is located outside the centre of Domzale, 10km from Ljubljana and 15km from Ljubljana International Airport. There is indoor isolation, toilets and food available for the climbers. Accommodation details will be published on the event website shortly.

Due to the fact that the whole event will run for only one day, there will only be a qualification round and final round for eight climbers. Registration is limited to 40 athletes (male + female).

European Cup Bratislava (Slovakia) – 9 December, 2017
Event website & Register:

9 December, 08:00-09:00. Cost 20 euros including meal and refreshments

Two events will be held:
– Slovak champs in classic lead climbing
– European Cup in drytooling

Location: Indoors, Full-sharp climbing – 4x qualification routes (M5, M6, M7/M8 to M9/M10) + 1 final route (M11/M12)

The climbing gym is located 5km from Bratislava airport and 60km from Vienna Airport Address: Stará Ivanská cesta 1, Bratislava

Free parking is available next to the venue. Climbers can sleep onsite if bringing sleeping bags.

European Cup Champagny/Pays des Ecrins (France) – 11-13 January, 2018
Event website:
Coming Soon
Register: Day before competition
Information & registration details can be found here.

2017 UIAA Ice Climbing World Championships. Photo: Liam Lonsdale

The venue in Champagny, one of the best structures of its kind in the world, is well known to ice climbers. It held both the UIAA Ice Climbing World Championships and World Youth Championships. Competition will be technical and also ideal for stronger ice climbers with a structure of 25+m in height, huge ceilings and steep walls.

European Cup Oulu (Finland) – 24-25 February, 2018
Event website: http://www.finice2018.com
Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/finice2018-ice-climbing-european-cup-finals-oulu-finland-tickets-37257754948

Standard priced tickets / registration is open until 10 February (32€) after which there will be last minute tickets / registration (39€). Athletes should register as soon as possible to be able to take advantage of accommodation offers. Details regarding this will be sent to athletes in late November. In addition, the organisers can help with local climbers hosting those attending from afar.

There’s two competitions taking place at the same time – the National Championships and European Cup Finals. For European Cup Finals. Several World Cup climbers already registered and the organisers hope to have the top level European UIAA World Cup ice climbers present. For the national championships the level of climbers is more varied.

The structure is 22m high and contains two parts. There’s 22m of vertical or slightly overhanging tower roughly 1.8m wide and a smaller tower, some 10m high. The towers are connected to each other by a 16-m overhanging section. It’s very steep and allows fairly challenging routes. The minimum grade on that over hanging section is M8 or M9. The smaller tower and connecting overhang is entirely plywood / climbing holds, but should include some ice barrels. The higher tower has at least three sides of ice from top to bottom. The higher tower will also be used for speed competition.

Further Information:
UIAA Ice Climbing season 
Athlete registration for the 2018 UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour is open to UIAA member associations here