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The 2019 UIAA Ice Climbing World Youth Championships concluded in Oulu, Finland on Saturday 2 March. The event was organised in conjunction with FINICE.

Across all three age categories, 84 athletes from ten countries had to contend with a diverse range of conditions – blizzards, sunshine, heavy snow – and extreme temperatures in attacking Oulu’s impressive ice structure. The next generation of competition ice climbers demonstrated enormous potential and skill.

Swiss athletes Yannick Glatthard, despite a broken crampon, and Sina Goetz took their impressive World Tour form into the Youth Championships claiming lead gold in the U22s. Russia made a clean sweep of the speed competitions with Vadim Malshchukov and Valeriia Bogdan successful.

In the U16 competition, the USA’s Keenan Griscom and Russia’s Danila Naumov won the male lead and speed while Daria Glatova dominated the female event, claiming both lead and speed.

Nikita Glazyrin, who has already impressed in the senior tour, won gold in the men’s U19 speed with compatriot Ivan Loshchenko taking the lead crown. Ukraine’s Victoria Holub, lead, and Russia’s Irina Dubovtseva, speed, won the U19 women’s prizes.

The winners in the three different age categories were:

U16 – Male

Lead: Keenan Griscom (USA)
Speed: Danila Naumov (RUS)
Speed Table

U16 – Female

Lead: Daria Glotova (RUS)
Speed: Daria Glotova (RUS)
Speed Table

U19 – Male

Lead: Ivan Loshchenko (RUS)
Speed: Nikita Glazyrin (RUS)
Speed Table

U19 – Female

Lead: Victoria Holub (UKR)
Speed: Irina Dubovtseva (RUS)
Speed Table

U22 – Male

Lead: Yannick Glatthard (SUI)
Speed: Vadim Malshchukov (RUS)
Speed Table

U22 – Female

Lead: Sina Goetz (SUI)
Speed: Valeriia Bogdan (RUS)
Speed Table

The team ranking was won by Russia ahead of the USA and Switzerland.

The weekend in Oulu concluded with a European Cup event on Sunday 3 March. The event was contested by 75 athletes (48 men, 27 women). In the women’s competition, Switzerland’s Sina Goetz again claimed victory. After winning the U-22 World Title the day earlier, she climbed fastest of the seven women to top the route. Louna Ladevant of France took the men’s title where only three athletes completed the route. In the process, Ladevant and Goetz claimed the overall prizes in the European Tour which concluded after four events in as many countries – Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Finland.

European Cup Oulu – Men, Women
European Tour Overall – Men, Women

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