Climber’s Manifesto #10 – ‘Climb with consideration for other climbers’

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#10 ‘climb with consideration for other climbers’

For this pledge, the Climber’s Manifesto evokes three articles of the Tyrol Declaration (formerly the UIAA Mountain Code), adopted by the Future of Mountain Sports Conference in Innsbruck, September 2002.

The original code in 1997 was crafted as a response to the growth of mountaineering and desire of the UIAA to develop a simple but worthwhile code. The three articles which focus with particular attention on consideration for other climbers include:

Article 1 – Individual Responsibility

Mountaineers and climbers practice their sport in situations where there is risk of accidents and outside help may not be available. With this in mind, they pursue this activity at their own responsibility and are accountable for their own safety. The individual’s actions should not endanger those around them nor the environment.

Article 2 – Team Spirit

Members of the team should be prepared to make compromises in order to balance the interests and abilities of all the group.

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Article 3 – Climbing & Mountaineering Community

We owe every person we meet in the mountains or on the rocks an equal measure of respect. Even in isolated conditions and stressful situations, we should not forget to treat others as we want to be treated ourselves.

These three articles cover three common good practices. Individual responsibility draws the climber into being responsible for their own actions, their own safety and others they encounter on the climb. It reminds the climber to set realistic ambitions according to their own skill set and to be properly equipped. This is not only having the right equipment and ensuring the equipment is in perfect condition but having mastery of it too. An individual should be autonomous and not rely on others for help.

Team spirit hones in on the sharing of a common goal and within this consideration for team members, tolerance and adapting to the speed of a climb to the weakest member of a team.

Being part of a climbing community calls on a desire for an equal measure of respect and kindness, and the golden rule ‘treat others, as we want to be treated ourselves’. This also includes respecting the ethics and code of places we visit, their people, in sharing knowledge including warnings of potential dangers and respecting the work of dedicated mountain guides Sherpas. These themes are also explored in different Climber’s Manifesto articles.

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