This page has been created to act as a resource for the climbing community regarding COVID-19. It includes links to official UIAA statements, initiatives and measures implemented by UIAA Commissions and UIAA member federations, news on restrictions concerning mountain areas as well as articles from leading media titles. In this time of need, we can inspire each other.



UIAA Updates


Member Updates


Member Countries

World Health Organisation

COVID-19 Information

Swiss Federal Office of Public Health

Protect Yourself and Others


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Member Federation Articles

Archive & Further Reading

Austria: VAVO
Rescheduling of seminars

Bangladesh: Bangladesh Mountaineering Federation
General Update (2 June)

Belgium: Climbing & Mountaineering Belgium
Impact on competitions

Bosnia: Mountaineering Union of Federation Bosnia – Herzegovina
Federation update

Brazil: CBME
Mountaineers united against Covid-19; Further Updates

Bulgaria: Bulgaria Mountaineering & Climbing Federation
Competitions halted

Canada: Canadian Alpine Club
Coronavirus Information

Canada: FQME
Collaboration with authorities; General Update (2 June)

Croatia: HPS
Impact on organisation

Cyprus: Mountaineering, Climbing & Orienteering Federation of Cyprus
National situation

Czech Republic: Czech Republic Mountaineering Association
Climbing gym guidance

Denmark: Danish Climbing Association
Cancels all activities until June

France: FFCAM
Limit your activities

Germany: German Alpine Club
Appeal to avoid the mountains; Essential resources for mountaineers

Hong Kong: China Hong Kong Mountaineering Climbing Union
Official Statement

Hungary: Hungarian Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation
Recommendations for Climbing Community; General Update (9 June)

India: Indian Mountaineering Foundation
In the time of Covid-19

Iran: Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation
Resources for Climbers

Israel: Israel Climbers’ Club
We Train Hard, We Train Alone

Ireland: Mountaineering Ireland
Stay at home

Korea: Korean Alpine Federation
A message of solidarity

Japan: JMSCA
Working from home; End to emergency declaration

Liechtenstein: Liechtensteiner Alpenverein
Following government advice

Malta: Malta Climbing Club
Activities Suspended;General Update (2 June)

Nepal: Nepal Mountaineering Association
Updates regarding activities; Letter from President

Netherlands: NKBV
Federation Update; General Update (2 June)

New Zealand: New Zealand Alpine Club
A Personal Message; Moving to Alert Level 3; Response to Covid-19

North Macedonia: Mountaineering Federation of North Macedonia
Measures Implemented

Norway: Norwegian Climbing Federation
Dedicated Covid-19 portal

Poland: Poland Mountaineering Association
Good rock climbing practices

Portugal: FCMP
Mountain sport advice

Portugal: FPME
General Update (9 June)

Romania: Romanian Alpine Club
Recommendations for mountaineers

Slovenia: Alpine Association of Slovenia
General Update (2 June)

Slovenia: Alpine Association of Slovenia
Appeal to climbing community

South Africa: Mountain Club of South Africa
Material for climbers; General Update (2 June)

Spain: FEDME
Message to the mountaineering world; Post-Covid 19 Recommendations

Switzerland: International Skyrunning Federation
Impact on events

Switzerland: Swiss Alpine Club
Impact on activities; Summary of Covid-19 measures; General Update (2 June)

Switzerland: International Slackline Association
Flatten the curve
Content and Inspiration for Slackliners

Turkey: Turkish Mountaineering Federation
General Update (2 June)

UK: British Mountaineering Council
Putting climbing on hold; Video Q&A with CEO ; BMC Recovery Plan

USA: American Alpine Club
Climbers take action against coronavirus; Message from CEO; Climbing in the Covid era


Zhejiang University School of Medicine
Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

Archive Articles

China: Jiangsu ZhongZheng Testing Lab
Medical advice from the frontline in China

Guidance on travel (22 May 2020)

International Olympic Committee
Support for athletes

World Anti-Doping Agency
Updates to Guidance; Covid-19 Further Guidance

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