The following update, a translation from the original article in Hebrew, comes from the Israel Climbers’ Club.

Dear friends and community members,

We are in strange and complicated days. For many of us, sitting at home without moving, being active and climbing this unbearably difficult cut. If there is something that unites all of us as a community, it is the love of nature, movement and sports that connects us.

However, in light of the worsening situation and regulations and social solidarity, we feel a responsibility to make it clear that any departure to nature poses unnecessary risk and is in every language a request to avoid. In recent days quite a few of us have been going to cliffs in pairs but in the cliff there has been a load that does not comply with regulations and poses a risk to the entire population.

With all the complexity and difficulty, we are delighted and proud to see communities and climbing walls across the country upload loads of quality content to networks that include tutorials for home training, lectures and various workshops.

We also embarked on a huge content project and almost every day put up a lecture to follow. You are welcome to join our live group and receive notifications before each live event:

So true, it’s hard and frustrating, but for the rest of us and for us to get through it as quickly as possible, please avoid getting to the cliffs.

Hope to go through this complex period as soon as possible and unload all that energy together in the wild! Until then we train hard, we train alone.

The original article can be found here.