Russians dominate in Lead with Tomilov brothers and Tolokonina in Chelongsong

hen Alexey Tomilov made his final move to pass the high point of Park Hee Yong (Korea) he not only became the first male finalist to top the Lead wall, but he also guaranteed  that the 2014 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup start in Cheongsong would be an all Russian affair.
Only his brother Maxim Tomilov was left to compete, and with Maxim slipping just below the top, Alexey finally won a Gold that has eluded him for several years.
Earlier, neither Shin WoonSeon (Korea) or Angelika Rainer (Italy), although they topped the wall, were able to catch up to the blistering 6 minutes and 13 second top set by Maria Tolokonina in the Women’s Lead finals.
Rainer, who was trying to defend her title she won in Cheongsong last year came in third place while Park placed third among the men.
Among those that had problems on the Lead wall were Lucie Hrozova, who fell 1/4 of the way through her climb on the third clip, and Nikolay Kuzovlev who came in to the finals in third placing, hoping to replicate his Gold medal speed rush – but stumbled.

Final standings in Lead


Rank Name Country BIB
1 Tolokonina Maria RUS 126
2 Shin WoonSeon KOR 110
3 Rainer Angelika ITA 106
4 Filippova Maryam RUS 122
5 Song HanNaRai KOR 111
6 Jeong WoonWha KOR 114
7 Gallyamova Nadezhda RUS 123
8 Hrozova Lucie CZE 102


Rank Name Country BIB
1 Tomilov Alexey RUS 40
2 Tomilov Maxim RUS 41
3 Park HeeYong KOR 28
4 Sypavin Valentyn UKR 50
5 Kwon YoungHye KOR 26
6 Han JungHee KOR 20
7 Lee KoangMin KOR 27
8 Seo JongKuk KOR 29
9 Kuzovlev Nikolay RUS 36