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Promoting and encouraging solidarity between its member associations has always been a core principle of the UIAA.  A recent example has been the support that the Polish Mountaineering Association (PZA) has offered Ukrainian climbers ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier this year, the PZA created a PZA4UA project which offered the following:

  • Accommodation for more than 30 climbers from Ukraine.
  • Surveys to gather information on the needs of Ukrainian climbers.
  • Professional training and coaching support and the opportunity to train on local climbing walls.
  • Funding of participation in international competitions as well as in Polish national competitions.
  • Emergency assistance for climbers. Basic medical assistance, equipment and emergency relief.

In doing so the PZA has helped raise awareness about its project through a dedicated website (translated into English), across social media and through fundraising initiatives.

The project is based on the following objectives:

  • Raising funds to help real people – young climbers from Ukraine.
  • Supporting a number of minors staying in Poland without family or relatives.
  • Thanks to its initiatives, climbers can win medals for their country.
  • Thanks to the campaign, climbers can continue training despite leaving their home country and prepare for the Olympics.
Piotr Pustelnik, President of the Polish Mountaineering Association, presents details about his federation’s project at the 2022 GA. Photo: UIAA/Amy Liu
What can UIAA member associations do to support?

Financial support for climbers. It is currently funded by the Polish Mountaineering Association’s limited resources.
Support crowdfunding campaign. Every donation is a chance for these young climbers to go to the next international competition.
Promotion of the action. Help promote the crowdfunding campaign to reach a wider audience.
Information to clubs belonging to member federations. Spreading the word about the campaign. UIAA members and climbing websites can share it on their channels.

Share the PZA4UA crowdfunding campaign using the following QR code:

Further reading. Download the PZA’s information guide to its project here.

Piotr Pustelnik, President of the PZA, speaking at the GA, explained:

“This project has been done with the goodwill of many people. These young Ukrainian climbers are living in Poland and have been able to train and compete in a number of competitions. They have achieved many sporting successes. These brave children have a substitute to normality although in reality it is a long way to normal. We will continue to help as our moral obligation and in face of human tragedies. We ask UIAA member associations to support us in efforts to help our young friends from Ukraine.”

His full speech can be viewed here (14:41 – 17:32)