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UIAA Safety Label

Developed by mountaineers and climbers for the global mountaineering and climbing community.

Throughout its history, mountain safety has been at the forefront of the UIAA’s activities. The UIAA Safety Label, and associated safety standards, have been in operation since the 1960s. The UIAA develops international standards for climbing and mountaineering equipment and currently accredits over 2,000 safety labels to more than 70 manufacturers around the world.

UIAA Safety Label logo

The Safety Label logo

The UIAA Safety Label logo is a registered trademark of the UIAA. The UIAA Safety Label on a piece of equipment means that samples of the equipment have been tested by an accredited, independent third party and shown to satisfy the requirements set forth in the UIAA standard. However, no lab testing can ever truly reflect the range of situations encountered in practice. Purchase of climbing equipment bearing the UIAA Safety Label supports the UIAA and its global mission to support and promote climbing and mountaineering.

In ensuring its standards are always relevant, the UIAA Safety Commission regularly studies the market and analyses accidents to determine if existing standards should be revised or upgraded. Furthermore, it accredits laboratories that test mountaineering and climbing equipment to ensure that the test results are in accordance with UIAA standards.

UIAA Safety Label logo

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About the UIAA Safety Label

The UIAA label on a piece of mountaineering or climbing equipment attests it to be of the highest international standards for safety having met the requirements of the relevant UIAA standard.

Important: The UIAA Safety Label logo trademark is registered internationally and may only be used for products that have been certified by the UIAA and registered as such.

Benefits of Obtaining a UIAA Safety Label:

  • Confirmation that your equipment is tested to the most stringent and respected international standards.
  • Usage of the UIAA Safety Label trademark on certified products.
  • Join the UIAA Safety Commission annual plenary meetings where Standards are created and updated.
  • Belong to working groups and have access to all data information of the UIAA’s network of experts.
  • Network with climbing and mountaineering manufacturers and experts from around the world to build the future of equipment safety.
  • Send samples of your climbing and mountaineering equipment to an accredited UIAA Laboratory for certification.
  • Register your company here.
  • Proceed with an application for labels of your products.
  • An annual fee of 400 euros and 40 euros per product is required.
  • Once registered and approved, a manufacturer becomes a UIAA Safety Commission member with voting rights.

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