Uncovering new peaks of Tibet

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Japanese mountaineer Tamotsu Nakamura last autumn led an expeditions into the deep gorge country of southeast Tibet. During the expedition Nakamura photographed and mapped many unclimbed peaks. He has kindly given us the chance to show you the photos, which you will find in our Expedition section. 

Nakamura  (72) says that “all the peaks on the photos remain untouched, and perhaps they are introduced to the world for the first time.” He estimates that “throughout the whole areas of East of the Himalaya we may count 255 unclimbed 6000m peaks on the map”.

The expedition was hard and uncomfortable, but  the members are happy to have unveiled two 6000m mountain massifs and  a 5700-5800m massif. Taking part in the expedition were Tsuyoshi Nagai (75), Eiichirou Kasai (67), Tadao Shintani (64),  Ms. Sonoe Sato (48) Lu Weidong (58, Interpreter, Han)  and Shaohong Cheng (35, Guide, Tibetan).

The expedition started in the ancient city of Dali (1900m) on November 6 and ended at Shangri-La (3280m) on November 30.

An extensive report of the expedition will be printed in Japan Alpine News’ Alpine Journal (UK)  and in Nakamura’s upcoming book “East of the Himalaya – Alps of Tibet” to be published from Detjen-Verlag in Hamburg, Germany.

Tomatsu Nakamura is a renowned mountaineer, explorer and dedicated editor of the Japanese Alpine News. He is the leading authority on the so-called Alps of Tibet. During his 28 expeditions in 17 years he has mapped this region extensively. The lesser-known mountains in this area are now inspiring and attracting many climbers from all over the world.