Mountain Worker Initiative

In response to the growing issues faced by mountain workers and guides in the expedition and trekking industry, a situation further exacerbated by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation – has established a Mountain Worker Initiative (MWI).

The MWI, guided by the UIAA Mountaineering Commission (MountCom) aims to begin operations in collaboration with Nepal, where the Nepali Mountaineering Association and the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) will lead the initiative’s first in-country working group. The idea to form this initiative is inspired by the agency behind The Porter: The Untold Story at Everest.

The MWI will seek to establish, disseminate and support guidelines for ethical trekking, mountaineering and company outfitters worldwide, beginning with a collaborative effort at Everest and throughout Nepal with the NMA and TAAN. These guidelines and practices will be made available via the MWI website page and adapted to fit the requirements of different countries and regions as the initiative progresses.

Further details can be found here.

The Porter: The Untold Story at Everest

A young privileged American attempts to make history at Everest by becoming a Himalaya Porter. But experiences a harrowing reality instead. This is an inside look at the darker side of Everest. At the strength, pride and pain of those whose support it. And at just how hard it is for a naive foreigner to attempt the same. This is The Porter.

A Pathfinder Creations Perspective

As told by Nathaniel James Menninger With Cinematography by Babin Dulal; And In Association With: The Small World and Outfitter Nepal.

MWI Webinar on Youtube

A dedicated UIAA Mountain Network Series webinar was held in 2022 addressing the subject of the Mountain Work Initiative. A special screening of The Porter: The Untold Story at Everest formed part of the session.