130 years of organised mountaineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Membership, UIAA

On 24 September, the Mountaineering Association of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PS FBiH), a member of the UIAA since 1997, marked its 130th anniversary.

During a ceremony held in the ceremonial hall of the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this landmark was celebrated by members of the federation, Presidents of federations from the Balkan Mountaineering Union as well as climbers and personalities from cultural and public life.

UIAA Peter Muir provided the following tribute in a video address:

“It is a truly remarkable achievement to have been organising activities for such a long time. As independent as mountaineers can be, coming together as a unified group is of a great benefit to us to further our sport and to ensure access to mountaineering areas. You can very proud of your accomplishments and we are proud to have had you as a member since 1997. We look forward to continuing a long and prosperous relationship.”


The Mountaineering Association of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PS FBiH) is a longstanding member of the UIAA. In addition, it is a member of other international mountaineering organisations such as EUMA (European Union of Mountaineering Associations), the BMU, ICAR (International Committee for Alpine Rescue), where it aims to contribute to the work of these organisations. The PS FBiH is one of the founders of BMU – Balkan Mountaineering Union. Today, the PS FBiH counts 112 mountaineering societies in its composition.

The main activities of the federation are related to the further development and popularisation of mountaineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the inclusion and education of young mountaineers, the education of mountain guides, nature protection as well as work on strengthening the mountaineering infrastructure. Namely, because of the war, the federation still has a large number of mountain lodges that have been devastated and need to be rebuilt. Through its work, it cooperates with local communities, ministries of culture, education and sports, as well as tourist agencies at all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In its work, it places special emphasis on strengthening the unity of the mountaineers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.