Alpen Taxi

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Mountain Wilderness, a Swiss-based mountain conservation organization, aims to preserve the last untouched wilderness areas of the Alps and other mountain regions of the world, as well as to support and promote of a respectful and sustainable mountain sport culture.

Project Status: On going

The majority of people visiting the mountains for leisure activities use their own car to get there, especially if the last kilometres are not covered by public transport. This creates a lot of avoidable traffic, pollution and demand for parking spaces in mountain areas. is an online service platform that bridges the gap between the ending point of public transport and the starting point of outdoor activities.

Climbers, hikers and skiers can use the platform on their smartphones to dial up local transport providers and take advantage of “on-demand” transport. Transportation services may, for instance, include local taxis, dial-a-bus offers, small-scale cable cars that are not included in the time-table of public transport systems, etc. Alpentaxi providers are registered and their contact details are published on the project website. Further partners are web platforms like (mobility platform), (mobility platform), (mountaineering platform) and other comparable web-based organisations. hence complements existing public transport services in an environmentally friendly way: When you need it, where you need it!

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The website offers a unique entry point to get in touch with the local population. People who offer AlpenTaxi services are often local farmers or people who have been living in the area for years – and who may not be in touch with tourists directly. AlpenTaxi provides an additional source of income to remote communities, and mountain areas benefit from reduced traffic (thus, less noise, better air quality), as well as from a reduced need for infrastructure such as parking spots or roads. AlpenTaxi also helps promote the use and preservation of alternative means of transportation, such as cable cars in regions featuring deep valleys with steep mountain slopes. In comparison to roads, cable cars are not only much less expensive, but are also easy to use in winter and offer transport services to all (including elders and children). Transport systems included in the AlpenTaxi network operate on a private basis, but are available to the local population and can improve the quality of life in remote areas by providing a transport option open to all.

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A web application is now being launched that will make it even easier to utilize this form of transport. Available via one’s smartphone, the app directly informs the user about AlpenTaxi opportunities within the proximity of his/her public transport final destination. This allows for an easier planning process that can easily be adapted to the changing conditions on tour. For example, should a thunderstorm suddenly curtail a trip, the user can use the app to locate and contact a local transport provider, thereby providing a new level of flexibility to the user as well as maximizing the efficiency of the project as a whole. Bern University of Applied Sciences supports us in the development of the mobile web application.

Mountain Wilderness encourages volunteer participation to keep the free platform up to date (reporting new or out-dated services). Our members and partners are well aware of this participation concept and its functionality has been proven over the past years.