Alpine huts across Canada now cheaper for UIAA member federations

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An alpine hut run by the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) in Asulkan Valley, Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park

The Alpine Club of Canada operates the largest network of backcountry huts in North America.
Access to these family-friendly huts in alpine meadows, backcountry powder paradises and remote climbers’ refuges will now be cheaper for UIAA members.
To date, UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation members were able to use the huts at ACC member rates if they paid the annual hut upgrade fee of $24.
“Effective immediately, all members of UIAA members are now invited to enjoy our huts at ACC member rates while no longer paying the annual $24 fee,” said Peter Muir of the Alpine Club of Canada and a UIAA Management Committee member.
The move, said Muir, is meant to promote the ACC’s goals of helping to increase mountain fraternity, increase UIAA members benefits and hopefully gain more reciprocal rights for its members with other UIAA members around the world.
“It is among the most beautiful and well planned hut system in the world,” said Muir, adding that the ACC is expanding with a nice new connection to the winter traverse of the Wapta Ice field (des Poilus hut) for the 2015-2015 winter season.
A Reciprocal Agreement on Mountain Huts currently exists across Europe for members of UIAA federations. They are entitled to use about 1,200 mountain huts offering accommodation for 66,000 people in the entire alpine region – from Slovenia to France, including the Pyrenees.
Use of the huts is government by the International Reciprocity Agreement on Mountain Huts which has its goal, the improvement of mountaineering through the promotion of the use of huts in the Alps and Pyrenees ranges.
The agreement is based on the application to all members of the associations of the same discounted rates for use of the huts, according to each national rule.
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Canmore Clubhouse

31-person hostel with dorm-style accommodation one hour west of Calgary. Great access to all the recreation and town amenities of Canmore. Free Wi-Fi.

Pat Boswell Cabin at Canmore Clubhouse

Private family rooms in a separate self-contained cabin on the Clubhouse property in Canmore. Accommodates up to four families of three to four people. Free Wi-Fi.

Bell Cabin at Canmore Clubhouse

Self-contained cabin for up to 15 people on the Canmore Clubhouse property. Dorm-style rooms and kitchen, living, bathroom facilities. Perfect for groups. Free Wi-Fi.

HI-Lake Louise Alpine Centre

Modern timber-frame hostel with cafe and kitchen, dorm-style and private rooms. A joint venture of the Alpine Club of Canada and Hosteling International-Canada.

Elizabeth Parker Hut

The flagship of the ACC’s huts. Used as a base for spectacular day hiking and ski touring at Lake O’Hara. The EP Hut is very popular in summer and winter.

Stanley Mitchell Hut

Beautiful, family-friendly hiking hut and remote ski touring hut in the Little Yoho Valley. 3-4 hour approach from Takkakaw Falls in summer; very long approach in winter.

Elk Lakes Cabin

Family-friendly hut in summer and winter. 3-4 hour approach from Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. Also accessible by mountain bike.

Abbot Pass Hut

Historic stone hut on the Continental Divide between Mts. Lefroy and Victoria, near Lake Louise. The second highest permanent structure in Canada.
Bow Hut

Bow Hut

Outstanding base for summer mountaineering and winter ski touring on the Wapta Icefield.

Scott Duncan Hut

The most southerly of the huts on the Wapta Icefield. Used for traverses of the Wapta in summer and winter.

A.O. Wheeler Hut

Historic log cabin hut in Rogers Pass with easy access. Used as a base for summer hiking and mountaineering and winter ski touring.

Asulkan Cabin

10-person hut at the head of Asulkan Valley in Rogers Pass. A base for exceptional backcountry skiing and mountaineering.

Sapphire Col Hut

Remote climbers’ hut in the Asulkan Range, Rogers Pass, BC. Access involves mountaineering and glacier travel.
Glacier Circle

Glacier Circle Cabin

Remote and difficult to access hut in the Dawson Range near Rogers Pass. Used for mountaineering and ski touring.

Neil Colgan Hut

Climbing hut in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, Banff. The highest permanent structure in Canada. All approaches require mountaineering and glacier travel.

Castle Mountain Hut

6-person hut on Goat Plateau, half-way up Castle Mountain in Banff National Park. It has a technical approach and is used by rock climbers only.

Bill Putnam (Fairy Meadow) Hut

World-class ski touring and spectacular summer granite mountaineering. In the Adamant range of the Selkirk Mountains. Helicopter access.

Conrad Kain Hut

Climbing hut in the world-famous Bugaboos. Superb granite mountaineering and alpine rock climbing in south-eastern BC.

Kokanee Glacier Cabin

Luxurious 15-person, fly-in self-catered backcountry ski lodge in winter and hiking destination in summer.
Silver Spray Cabin

Silver Spray Cabin

Hiking and mountaineering hut in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park near Nelson, BC. Officially closed in winter.
Woodbury Cabin

Woodbury Cabin

Located in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park near Nelson, BC. Used by hikers and mountaineers. Officially closed in winter.

Lloyd MacKay (Mt. Alberta) Hut

6-person climbers’ hut in the Mt. Alberta area. Used as a base for climbing in summer, not used in winter. Very difficult access.

Wates-Gibson Hut

Classic log cabin in the Tonquin Valley in Jasper National Park. Used for hiking and mountaineering in the Rampart peaks.
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Mount Colin Centennial Hut

Small wooden hut near Mt. Colin in Jasper National Park. Used as a base for rock climbing on Mt. Colin.

Bon Echo Hut – Toronto Section

Day hut and cook shelter for the nearby climbers’ campground on Mazinaw Lake, 300 km NE of Toronto. Boat access. Used by rock climbers.

Keene Farm – Montreal Section

Located in the Adirondack Forest Preserve State Park in New York State. Used as a base for hiking, skiing and rock climbing.