Anti-Doping talks held on Ice Climbing sidelines


The UIAA Anti-Doping Commission has held a key meeting on the sidelines of the Ice Climbing World Cup event in Saas Fee, Switzerland on January 24.

The commission is responsible for developing and maintaining the UIAA’s doping control programme including in and out of competition testing, result-based testing, random testing and targeted testing. The body also ensures compliance with the WADA code and educating and informing stakeholders on anti-doping policy.

The commission’s support for Ice Climbing – the UIAA’s sole competition sport – as well as doping controls was a focus of the meeting. Furthermore, the international group of experts discussed stepping up cooperation with three other UIAA commissions, MedicalIce Climbing and Youth.

The commission used the occasion to make use of WADA’s Athlete Outreach Program. This is one of the most effective vehicles to raise awareness and build understanding of doping-free sport. WADA’s Play True Quiz was created as a core element to the Athlete Outreach Program.

Thirty athletes competing in Saas Fee took part in it. The commission measured and recorded variables such as body mass index, arm span, leg length, grip strength and endurance, and flexibility.

The aim of the project was to test claims by many experts that elite climbers differ from recreational climbers and active non-climbers on leg span, body fat percentage, flexibility, and muscular strength and endurance.