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Application is now open for the 2019 UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Award.

Since 2015, the Award has been dedicated to a different continent each year. After Africa, Europe, North America, Central and South America, the 2019will focus on promoting events on the Asian continent.

UIAA member federations in Asia are encouraged to share details about the Award with festivals in their country or territory.

The Award offers 2,500 USD in prize money. This may be granted entirely to the winning festival or shared between different nominees. Benefits are not only financial and also includes promotion through the UIAA’s international communication channels as well as the opportunity to work closely with the UIAA and benefit from the expertise of its different Commissions.

The deadline to apply for the 2019 Award is 19 April 2019.

To qualify for the Award, festivals must be affiliated, recognised or supported by a UIAA member federation in that country. In countries which do not have UIAA representation, festivals may be considered for the development prize.

To be considered for the Award, festivals must:

  • demonstrate that they offer opportunities for diverse types of climber (including experienced, youth, debutant and para-rock climber);
  • organise workshops promoting safe climbing principles and practices;
  • provide evidence of implementing sustainable climbing initiatives;
  • create awareness and environmental education around rock climbing; and
  • foster a community of rock climbing both within their region and actively encourage the participation of overseas climbers.

The winning festival and/or the nominated development festival will be visited by a member of UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Panel to ensure that on the ground the Award matches the pledges made in the application. The support or advice offered by the panel member is also an important factor whether that be in terms of development in that country or future relationship with the UIAA. Festivals may also be asked to help showcase charities or causes supported by the UIAA.

To apply please complete the following form and return to

Past Winners on the Award:

‘The UIAA prize is a real recognition of our work and of the fact that we are developing climbing in Bolivia the right way’

2018: Bloqueando (Bolivia) – Development Award Winner (Main Picture)

‘Recognition by the UIAA affirms for us that we are achieving our goals.’

2017: International Climbers’ Festival, Wyoming (USA)

‘The financial support will help us develop the Kalymnos rescue team and will be put towards making an even greater event next year.’

2016: Kalymnos Climbing Festival (Greece)

In 2018, the UIAA launched an international rock and ice climbing festival calendar where you can find details of an event near you. To visit the calendar please click here.

For more details about the UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Award please visit our dedicated page.

Interested in partnering the UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Award? Please contact: