Mountain Protection

Bally, sponsor of the UIAA Mountain Protection Award, recently announced the partnership between its Peak Outlook Foundation with National Geographic on a dedicated campaign to raise greater awareness on the issues plaguing the world’s mountain environments, including Mount Everest, which prominently features in the magazine’s July issue. Find out more.

Video courtesy of Bally

Since Bally’s founding in 1851, the brand has instilled a strong sense of social responsibility to preserve the stunning mountain environments into which its own identity is woven. Last year’s Everest mission marked the first of many cleanup efforts to be organised through the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation, underpinning Bally’s globe-spanning program to clean up the more extreme mountain areas that, despite their difficulty to access, are seeing an increased number of expeditions, and the waste that comes with them. Bally Peak Outlook already works with The Tenzing Norgay Sherpa Foundation to provide local conservation programs in the Himalayas.

Bally’s partnership with the annual UIAA Mountain Protection Award is an important extension of this commitment.

Main photo: Bally Peak Outlook, Mount Everest May 2019. Copyright: Bally/Samir Jung Thapa