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The UIAA is sharing a guide produced by one of its member associations, the British Mountaineering Council.

The BMC’s bolt advice¬†come in two parts. Part one is aimed at the user, in particular those who have learnt to climb indoors and are making the transition outside. Part two is an essential guide to good practice for people placing bolts, covering all of the important issues which must be addressed in order to do this competently and with the correct equipment.

Bolts – a climbers’ guide

Climbing outside is very different to the controlled and managed indoor environment. Our Bolts: a climbers’ guide download covers what you need to know about the bolts and belays you may encounter when sport climbing outside. It includes tips on assessing problems and what to be aware of.

Reading this guide will help you to assess and manage any risks for yourself, and allow you to experience the wonderful world of climbing outside more safely.

Download the bolts guide here

Bolts – an installers’ guide

Placing bolts which you know will be used by other climbers is a serious responsibility. This guide includes the latest advice and guidance on what equipment to use and how to install it competently.

This guide is currently being updated.

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