BMC supports Ukrainians impacted by the humanitarian crisis

General Assembly

UIAA full member, the British Mountaineering Council (BMC), has published information on how its members can register as hosts to those from the Ukrainian climbing community. The UIAA will also share details provided by other member associations running similar initiatives.

Published by BMC on 18 March:

On 18 March UK Government launched its ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme. Individual sponsors are asked to provide homes or a spare room rent-free for as long as they are able, with a minimum stay of six months. In return, they will receive £350 per month.

Phase One of the scheme allows sponsors in the UK to nominate a named Ukrainian or a named Ukrainian family to stay with them in their home or in a separate property. Those who have a named Ukrainian they wish to sponsor should contact them directly and fill in a visa application.


For those who don’t have an existing connection, charities, faith groups and community organisations across the UK are helping to facilitate connections between individuals, for potential sponsors who do not have a named contact. The BMC has created this website to allow our members to register as potential hosts for guests from the Ukrainian national climbing federation community, whose details have been (and will continue to be) provided by the federation and uploaded onto this website. At the moment it is unclear what the demand will be but any help we can give will make a difference.

Helpful links

There are other ways the BMC and the wider climbing community can help. We compiled a number of links, many of which were shared by our friends at the Outdoor Industry Association and also UK Climbing.

Visit the Homes for Ukraine UK Government website here: Homes for Ukraine – Homes for Ukraine – Local Sponsorship Scheme for Ukraine (

Red Cross: Help for Ukrainian nationals: Help for Ukrainian nationals in the UK (

Visit the ‘How to Help Ukraine’ page on the Government’s website HERE

To join Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme go to the website HERE

To help find Ukrainian refugees jobs, visit
Donate financial aid to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal via the Disasters Emergency Committee website HERE

Or donate financial aid via the National Bank of Ukraine HERE

Details on sending aid to Ukraine in the Government’s letter HERE

Visit the ‘Real ways you can help Ukraine as a foreigner’ Supersite